Friday, August 17th, 2012

Friday Afternoon Event 

5:00-6:30pm (Pre-Saratoga Event)

Nottingham HS On-Premise Tour

Friday, August 17th, 2012

Friday Evening Event

7:30 pm (Dress Casual)

Saratoga Steak House Reception          Cash Bar & Hors d'oeuvres

Saturday, August 18th, 2012

Sat. Evening Event

6:00 pm (Dress it up a little)

Cocktails (Cash Bar) & Dinner Buffet at The Glen Loch Mill

August 3rd, 2012 "Last Minute Reunion Notes".........TWO WEEKS UNTIL THE REUNION !!!!
  • Web site is all updated a/o Wednesday, August 1st.
  • REMINDER ALERT: See above for new time for the NHS Tour, changed to Friday, 5:00pm.
  • Remaining reunion fee checks still due need to be sent to Phil Riposo using Pg. 10 instructions.
  • Although new Bio's will not appear in the reunion booklet, you can still send to Phil Riposo for web posting.
  • READ the bio's before the reunion to better know your friends and classmates. They're really great!
  • SPECIAL charitable request......Gary LaVine is spearheading and the Reunion Committee approves a wonderful and much needed financial initiative to confront the NHS "failed school" status from the State Department of Education. Please read the attached file below and give generously to stem the crisis.
Gary's NHS Failed School Intiative.doc Gary's NHS Failed School Intiative.doc
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August 1st, 2012, Nottingham Class of '67, 45th Reunion Updates

  • Total Confirmed RSVP's, 81, Friday Night Event, 80Saturday Night Event 61

ALERT......Saturday morning "NHS Tour" has been moved to 5:00-6:30pm Friday preceding the Saratoga Reception event at 7:30pm (Syracuse School District gave away our tour time).

  • Money.....need your check to pre-pay for the event. See pg. 11 for RSVP paid ledger.
    • Use page 10 instructions to mail in your reunion fee.
  • Bio's unlimited pictures using pg. 9 (DEADLINE  for posting is Friday night, 07/27 at 8:00pm).
    • Enjoy the many "bio's" and pictures that have been posted !!! We have to go to press on Monday.
  • Free Reunion T-shirt, Mouse Pad, Group Pictures (both nights) and Reunion Booklet !!!!!!!
    • Yes, we are pleased to provide these wonderful parting gifts for sharing this wonderful reunion.

Additional Venue Updates (see pg. 6 & 7 for venue pictures)

  • Friday afternoon NHS "Tour" plans (Changed from Saturday to Friday, 5-6:30pm before the Saratoga reception).
  • Friday night Saratoga plans include special greeting banners & greeter table, "take-a-way" favors, light '60's music, finger food buffet, a special picture presentation for the event, gratis from Ralin's Lewis Radin, special picture eisel boards, etc.. It's time to rekindle friendships that have meant something special for over four decades. Larry Sarkin is assisting us with great t-shirts, also.
  • Saturday night Glen Loch plans include enjoying a early summer night's cocktail hour (cash bar) over-looking a running brook & grist mill, a marvelous 2nd floor party venue  with vaulted, old barn wood walls & rafters type atmosphere with dance floor, period music provided for those who will appreciate, "take-a-way" favors for attendees, a "special presentation" by Phil Riposo followed by "awards", a "meet the reunion committee" moment, not to out done by the hand picked and scrumptious buffet (see pg.8) that will allow the best social flow and conversation. The rest would be up to you to reconnect with best friends and savor the memories.
June 2012 Reunion Notes (archived)

  • Please continue to RSVP (go to page # 10).
  • ALL RSVP's need to post bio's on page #9.
  • Send in a picture with your bio.
  • Remind your closest classmates to RSVP.
  • Continue your searches for "Lost Classmates".

From the "Reunion Committee"

Plans are in full swing for "event day" activities. Lew Radin has offered to assist in providing unique picture boards and his firm's use of professional photographers and group prints. New greeter tables are being planned. A theme for decorations and music will be decided shortly. Plans for the initial cocktail parties are being discussed with Joan Vinal's (Ross's) help. Unique take-a-way gifts are also being chosen. We promise that this reunion will be like no other. It will set the stage for the 50th. 

Reunion "Highlights Pages"

The menu at top of page will give you all the reunion info you need to know as well as how to contact us. Venues have been chosen for the Friday/ Saturday night events (pgs. 6/7) and the Saturday NHS tour will include a "Lox & Bagel Reception".

The "Committee" sending "Reunion Updates" 

to share with you anything that will allow the easiest reunion admission and enhance your overall NHS Class of '67, 45th reunion experience.

Reunion Committee's Mission

The ultimate goal of this web site is to communicate with as many "1967" classmates as possible about the NHS Class of 1967, 45th reunion AND to create a public site to search and monitor the finding of at least 65% (currently 45%, was 25%) of the seniors as to their whereabouts and let them know we wish to share our reunion with them.

May 2012 Reunion Notes (archived) 
  • Please RSVP now. Initial deadline was 05/31/12.
  • Extended deadline to RSVP is June 30th. We now have the needed confirmed attendee #'s to give to Saratoga & Glen Loch for planning purposes.
  • Money NOT required to RSVP, but see pg. 10 to send money as soon as you can after you RSVP.
  • Deadline for money due is July 15th.

1) For complete RSVP info, go to Pg. 10.

2) For "Quick RSVP", click on email address link below and tell us: 

  • Yes, we are coming & # of people attending each event, contact #,
  • Maybe, and we will get back to you to confirm, or,
  • No, we can't because we will be in Nepal that weekend but I will certainly go to Pg.9 and include an "update" about my life to share with the NHS Class of '67.

NHS Class of '67 Reunion Committee Members:

Phil Riposo, Jay Slotnick, Shelly Varsano (Schwartz), Nick Malagisi, Iris Alpern (Maxon), Dora Torres,  Joan Ross (Vinal), Lewis Radin, Gary LaVine, Larry Sarkin

Attendees during the 40th Reunion at the Palace Theater (pictured below; see ALL pics on Pg.5)