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Alpern, Iris   (Maxon)

45 fast did that go?

After I graduated I went to OCC.  In 1969 I went to work for Travelers Insurance Company until 1973 when I decided I needed a change.  I went back to school and got a degree to become a Medical Assistant...Low and behold I got a job at Hill Haven Nursing Home in 1975 and worked my way up to Payroll Supervisor/Personnel Director. Life changed again!  In 2001 I started working at Syracuse University in the School of Education.  My full time grant ended last summer, but I am still there part time and loving it.

In 1976 I married Barry Maxon who graduated from Nottingham in 1959.  More information than anyone wants to know, Barry died in 2000.

And now for the highlight of my life...My son Jason was born in 1987.  He also attended Nottingham graduating in 2005 and going on to SU receiving his degree in business and finance in 2009. Jason lives in Syracuse, so life is good.  He works for Bank of NY Mellon in East Syracuse....I could go on and on...but I won't.

In 2007 I attended my first Nottingham reunion which of course was the 40th.  It was there I met Richard (Rick) Raymond who graduated from Nottingham in 1966 and two years later we became engaged.

See you soon!



Barlow, Gary
After graduation at Nottingham I spent a lot of time at Syracuse University. I earned a BS
in Zoology in ‘71, and three block S letters for wrestling. I had planned to go to grad school
for oceanography. But I fell in love and stuck around, entering grad school at SU in the sci ed
department, getting married to Marg in ‘72, and living in the married student housing. Continued
grad school, MS in Sci Ed, and completed course work for a PhD with no topic for a dissertation
in mind.So in 1975 I started teaching biology at Liverpool HS and coaching the JV wrestling team. I
burned out in just two and a half years, and through a fluke, mostly from a call by Carl Farino,
I ended up in the New York State Trooper Academy in February of ‘78. My career in the State
Police was exciting. I was able to work nights and finish school, earning my PhD in Science
Teaching in ‘85. Was second in command of the SCUBA team of 65 members, and spent the
whole summer of ‘96 on Long Island diving for airplane and body parts. Taught SCUBA and
several other courses at the Trooper Academy, and spent one full year there as a Basic School
NCO. I had become a sergeant in 1987. I retired after 22 years, in 2000, and went to work for National Aquatic
Service in Syracuse. I still teach for them occasionally. I didn’t want anything to do with law enforcement, but as
things would have it, I was made an offer to be lieutenant in the Village of North Syracuse Police
Dept in May of 2007, and then was offered a position teaching criminal justice at Onondaga
Community College the spring semester of 2008. The lieutenant’s position was eliminated for
budget reasons June of 2011, but I am still an adjunct professor at OCC. As I am writing this,
my wife Margaret is enjoying her last day as a reading teacher for the Syracuse school district
and she too is retiring!  We have two children, Sheila and Todd. Sheila is married, living in Boston, and is an
industrial engineer for Staples. Todd lives in Chittenango and has a management job with the
New York Power Authority.


Barr, Edwin

Where to start? From high school to Alfred University- very much a hippie and war protester in those days.  Graduated in Psych and photography- yeah, I didn't have a clue what to do in life. Leather crafter on SU campus and Skaneateles for a few years. Lived in Pittsburgh.  Back to Syracuse and decorating business. Somewhere in all that a failed marriage.   Then I got it right. Met the love of my life and moved to Mass.  while she finished medical residency.  Have 2 great kids, oldest starting college at Mass College of Art in fall, youngest soph in high school. I've been busy as a stay-at-home dad and renovating our house while working outside the house in carpentry and interior decorating. Look forward each year to seeing friends like Bob and Elaine Chaffee and Brian and Paula Coupe at our lake house on Otisco during the summer and sharing a cold one on the porch and contemplating where the time has gone. I've included a picture from my porch on Otisco Lake, a family shot, and a great picture of Brian and Paula Coupe, and a not so great picture of Brian. Hope he see's it while at the reunion (lol).


Belden, Liz (Handler)

Belden, Liz (Handler)               (UPDATED July 2017)

After Nottingham, I went to Pratt Institute in Brooklyn for one miserable year, then dropped out, and ended up hitching cross country to play in California for a while. Then back to Syracuse, fell in lust w/a Henninger guy, David Gavin, got married and had a wonderful daughter, Megan, in 1970. The divorce was final in April,1972.

Megan and I settled into life in the Cuse until 1976, when I met a great guy working at the same school bus company I was driving for. Richard and I married in 1977, he adopted Megan on her 8th birthday, and we proceeded to give her siblings. Lucie was born in 1979, Molly in 1981, Naomi in 1985, and Samuel in 1990.

I was an at home mom for 18 + years, and was a Special Education Teaching Assistant at Percy Hughes School here in Syracuse for 17 years. I retired in 2016. Along the way I co-founded International Cesarean Awareness Network in 1982 (Lucie was an emergency cesarean), largely fed the family out of our huge organic garden when the kids were young,  became vegetarian, then vegan, designed and sewed a line of kids' clothes-Liz Loves Cotton-edited the ICAN Clarion, a quarterly newsletter, and basically did the whole hippie earth mother thing. Our last two babes were even born at home.

Richard and I live in an 1880s farmhouse right in Syracuse. We have 1.6 acres out back for kids and grandkids to play in. Our kids are now all grown and doing well. Megan's head clerk at Upstate Hospital's Community campus. She and Shawn have a daughter and three sons. Lucie's just left a toxic job, but has some great prospects. Her daughter, Gabbie, is going into 8th grade here in Syracuse. Molly's the manager of a Starbucks down in Wilmington, NC, and is engaged to Bud Taylor, owner/chef of The Bistro on Topsail island, NC. If you want a fabulous meal, check it out!  Naomi works for Harvard, as the operations manager of their many libraries. She's married to Adam Conti, who is apprenticing to become a master carpenter. Naomi and Adam had a daughter, Devin, a week before Christmas last year. Sam is a mechanical engineer, working for Partner ESI.
He travels all over the place evaluating buildings. He married his Jesi on June 26th. 
All in all, this has been a pretty good life. I can't wait to see all of you!

Updated July 2012

After Nottingham, I went to Pratt Institute in Brooklyn for one miserable year, then dropped out, and ended up hitching cross country to play in California for a while. Then back to Syracuse, fell in lust w/a Henninger guy, David Gavin, got married and had a wonderful daughter, Megan, in 1970. The divorce was final in April,1972.

Megan and I settled into life in the Cuse until 1976, when I met a great guy working at the same school bus company I was driving for. Richard and I married in 1977, he adopted Megan on her 8th birthday, and we proceeded to give her siblings. Lucie was born in 1979, Molly in 1981, Naomi in 1985, and Samuel in 1990.

I was an at home mom for 18 + years, and now am a Special Education Teaching Assistant at Percy Hughes School here in Syracuse. Along the way I co-founded International Cesarean Awareness Network in 1982 (Lucie was an emergency cesarean), largely fed the family out of our large, organic garden when the kids were young,  became vegetarian, then vegan, designed and sewed a line of kids' clothes-Liz Loves Cotton-edited the ICAN Clarion, a quarterly newsletter, and basically did the whole hippie earth mother thing. Our last two babes were even born at home.

Richard and I live in an 1880s farmhouse right in Syracuse. We have 1.6 acres out back for kids and grandkids to play in. Our kids are now all grown and doing well. Megan's head clerk in the ER of Upstate Hospital. She and Shawn have a daughter and three sons. Lucie's the customer relations manager of the Price Chopper in Cortland, but lives in Syracuse, so her daughter, Gabbie, can go to Hughes with me. She's in 2nd grade. I get to take her home with me several days a week. Molly's the manager of the café at Barnes and Noble down in Wilmington, NC. Naomi works for Harvard, in their grants department. She's married to Adam Conti, who finished his last deployment to Afghanistan in January with the Marines. He's now an ER tech, and looking towards nursing, or maybe medical school. Sam graduated from Loyola University Maryland in Baltimore in May, with his BS in mechanical engineering. He's already rented an apt with 3 friends down there. We hope he'll get a job to pay for it very soon.

All in all, this has been a pretty good life. I can't wait to see all of you!

Ben, Stuart

Not a great typist. After High School,attended S.U. for four years and graduated from Maxwell School of Citizenship at S.U. Three years later graduated from University of Mississippi School of Law. Was a Deputy Sheriff in Forrest County Miss., admitted to Miss. State Bar and was an Assistant District Attorney for Forrest County. Returned to Syracuse and was admitted to New York State Bar, Federal District Courts, United States Army Court of Military Review and United States Army Court of Criminal Appeals.Met the love of my life, Sheila, who was a New York State Assistant Attorney General. We got married. We began practicing law together in 1981 and are still at it, in Manlius, N.Y. in a very cool building ( believed to be on the grounds of the first school house in the Town of Manlius, built in 1798 ) that we refurbished in 1984-1985. Have three great children: Chad,32-graduated undergraduate school from University of Rochester, graduated law school from Washington University in St. Louis School of Law, admitted to N.Y.S. and D.C. Bars and works in anti-terrorism unit for U.S. Dept. of justice. He's stationed out of St. Louis. Ian,30-graduated undergraduate school from SUNY Binghamton,received MBA from Rochester Institute of Technology and works for Boeing's defense division in Washington, D.C.; Cara,28-graduated undergraduate school from University of Rochester, graduated law school from Washington University in St. Louis School of Law,admitted to N.Y.S. Bar and is a Law Clerk for a N.Y.S. Supreme Court Justice in N.Y.City.Chad is our first to be getting married-in October,to a wonderful girl, Lindsey, who is a Trademark Attorney for The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. Sheila and I will have been Married 35 years in October. She's a patient woman. I got the better end of our marriage. I don't want to retire; I would really like to slow down a little but I have no idea how to do that. While High School seems like a million years ago, I am really looking forward to the Reunion; catching up with everyone who was and is so integral to a part of our lives and history is a rare opportunity to become re-grounded. I thank everyone who will be attending the Reunion for that opportunity and thank Jay, Phil, Larry and whoever else worked so hard to make this happen.
Burkhart, Roseann (Boulding)

After my earning my degree in Ex.Ed for Learning/Behavior Disorders in 1971, and my Master's in 1973. I taught Special Ed classes for B.O.C.E.S.#2 south of Buffalo from 1971 -78 .My Learning Disability classes contained quite a mixed grouping of needs at that time, including students with intractable epilepsy. Little did I know then that those experiences would later be of great value.  It was also a time in education when I could actually call a psychologist one day and have him come to my classroom the next day to support a student. I assume that those days are long gone in NY as well as in Ontario.

In 1975 I met and then married an English sailor and marine surveyor for Lloyd's of London and emigrated to Oakville, Ontario. We loved to spend our free time sailing on Lake Ontario on our 37' wooden sloop. Tragedy struck in 1984 when Bryan and our 2 year old daughter Amanda drowned off our moored boat while I was at a retirement party...the last one I ever attended until my own. I survived this loss with a great support system of friends, family and a grief counsellor.  Determined to have a family again, I remarried and have 2 great children, Laura (26) and Glenn (22). Unfortunately, that marriage ended in divorce by 1998.

I started teaching in Toronto in a community-based reintegration program for young offenders in 1979 which evolved into team teaching. From 1983-1999, I was a secondary teacher on the medical wards (GI, dialysis, transplant and rheumatology) at Sick Kids Hospital in Toronto.  The school program was for chronic, long-term student-patients from all over Ontario and across Canada from K - 12. As part of  Multi-disciplinary medical teams, I honed my advocacy and mediation skills for these students while sharing educational info that had an impact on their conditions.  Best job ever!

I was seconded in 1999 to become the Curriculum Consultant for my school, which supported a variety of unique classroom partnerships between 20+ care/treatment agencies (e.g. Sick Kids), the Toronto District School Board and the Ministry of Education for high needs, at-risk students at all levels. Those learned advocacy and mediation skills were often called into play.

After 36 years in Special Ed, I retired in 2007 although I still do substitute teaching at Sick Kids. I also volunteer in the Dialysis unit at my local hospital. To celebrate turning 60, my college roommate and I spent 3 weeks in Greece with a stop in Venice.  I have since been to Europe and Asia and look forward to more travel.  Finally able to read what I choose, I am a voracious reader, stay active with the gym, Pilates, biking, cooking/baking, needlework, going to the theater and gardening. I downsized to a townhouse in Burlington, Ontario in 2009.

I return to Syracuse often to visit my mother (still going strong at 92) who is living with my youngest brother and his family.  My other 3 brothers live in Kansas, New Hampshire and Georgia which are also travel destinations.  My bucket list is to visit all 50 states:  17 to go, including Alaska!  

While I did attend the 20th reunion, I have been "lost" since then but am grateful at being found again.  I look forward to our 45th next month!
Thanks to the Reunion Committee for all of their efforts on our behalf.

Take care,
Roseann Burkhart Boulding


Carlson, Carol  (McCabe)

Hard to believe that it has been 45 years since graduation.  Well, I'll make this short and sweet (just like me).   After NHS I went to CCBI , and was a secretary for awhile.  Got married, and after the birth of my first son, I became a stay at home mom.  Over the years, I was truly blessed with four wonderful children, three boys and one girl.  My daughter is the only one married.  She has a terrific husband and now I have two granddaughters and one grandson.  Unfortunately all of my children live in different states. They are all happy and successful, and I am very proud of all of them.  I do get to visit, and thank goodness for the telephone.  I have been doing home health care for the elderly for the last 20-years.  It is something I enjoy doing.  Still live in NY between Oneida and Rome.  You can contact me:   I'll be at the reunion on Friday night. 

Carr, Bill

After graduation, I went to Oswego State. I managed to graduate with a BA in Math. Then I married Deborah Hares and we started our journey.
We spend our honeymoon traveling New England looking for teaching positions in private schools. Finding zero positions, we limped back to Syracuse.

The summer of 1972, we traveled west looking for teaching positions. After reaching San Francisco, we stopped at relatives and started our lives.

We both completed teaching certificates in California. I ended up in the computer field. Starting as a programmer and eventually ending up as a project manager for IBM.

Last year, I was declared surplus and was offered early retirement. I have been having fun ever since.

Along the way, we created 2 wonderful children. Jason lives in Portland with his wife and son. He flies planes for Horizon. Vanessa lives in Portland with her husband. She is an internal auditor for Mentor Graphics.

Bill Carr
Cash, Steve

After NHS, I went to SUNY at Buffalo, graduated in 1971 BA in chemistry (ugh, what was I thinking?), then again 1973 with BS in Physical Therapy.   I worked as a PT for about a year, then got into med. school at Upstate.   Eventually became an orthopedic hand surgeon, moved to Philadelphia in 1984.  I'm currently in private practice in the Philly suburbs.

Got married to Karen #1 in 1985, but what a disaster that was, even from the beginning.  Details not important, but will be furnished upon request.    Then married Karen #2 in 1998, and we had a daughter, Julia, in 2000.   She's 12 now, and an absolute delight, even though she now considers me a complete embarrassment when she's with her friends.   I'm told I'll get smarter as she gets older.   Anyways, unfortunately, this marriage didn't work out either, and I've learned a lot more than I really wanted to know about alimony, spousal support, custody issues, and attorney billing practices.  I don't want to say it was expensive, but I could have paid for Julia's college education with the money I spent on lawyers.   Twice over.    Fortunately, things are good now, all the legal stuff is over, and Julia is doing well.   I've been forbidden to date, let alone marry, any more Karens.

Music has always been a big part of my life.   I play in 2 bands----the first is a Beatle Tribute band called Liverpool Beat   ( go to www., in which we dress up like the Beatles (I'm George), wear all the right outfits, play the correct instruments, do the Liverpool accent ('ello, luv!), etc.   It's so much fun, and even the younger people know all the songs, words, etc.    The Beatles are truly timeless.

The other is an R&B funk/soul band playing Kool and the Gang, Earth Wind& Fire, KC and the Sunshine band, James Brown, etc. etc.  It's a 10 piece group with a horn section, keyboards, guitar, etc. etc.    Get up and shake your bootie.  That is, if you can still get up.  And your bootie isn't dragging on the ground.  "Shaking", disturbingly, is not a problem these days.

All in all, I've had an, um, interesting life, with ups and downs, like all of us.  I love being a dad, even though I got to it a little later in life.   Luckily, my daughter has shown incredible patience teaching me how to use my new iphone, work the computor, and program the GPS in my car.  She hardly rolls her eyes at me anymore. At least that I'm aware of....

I'll miss seeing you guys at the 45th reunion, but will definitely be there for the 50th.   That is, if my bootie (or any other essential body part) hasn't fallen off from all the shakin' goin' on.    Regards to all.



Cashing, Doug

After graduating from Nottingham I went to SUNY Oswego where I met my bride-to-be, Betsy Brown from Mexico, NY. We were married in August of 1970. I finished the Bachelor’s degree in 1971 and stayed on for two more years to earn a Masters, then enrolled in graduate school at Syracuse University. Our son Jason was born in December 1977. I finished the PhD in mathematics education in 1979 and started teaching at St. Francis College in Loretto, PA. After two years there, we moved to Olean, NY and I started teaching at St. Bonaventure University. Three years ago we moved into a new home at Cuba Lake (15 miles from the University). Jason is now an ordained Presbyterian minister and is pastor of the church in Franklinville NY (about 20 miles from where we live), and is married to a very nice young lady from Elmira – no grandkids yet.
Cohen, Ronda (Hegeman)................Updated 04/09/17

Two days after graduating from Nottingham, I started working for NY State in Syracuse. While working, I attended OCC and graduated in 1973. Soon afterwards I contracted a serious illness which, after several operations to remove tumors and correct other issues, resulted in sterility at age 26. In summer of 1979, a promotion moved me to Albany, where I met my husband and subsequently got 2 more promotions in the computer technology field. We split amicably in 1992, due to diverging interests and goals. I remained in the tech field until my retirement in 2004, when I moved to Chittenango where my father and sister still lived. My mom passed away in July 2002, then my dad in April 2009. My sister Laura lives in Hastings (with Florida soon on the horizon), brother Irving in Georgia and brother Billy in Pennsylvania. 

I owned a condo since 2008 but had to sell it in late 2015 due to health issues. Since then I’ve been a resident at the Oaks in the Menorah Park complex in Dewitt. I no longer travel but I participate actively on resident committees, scheduled outings, exercise classes and social events where I live. Hobbies and enjoyment include reading, classic movies, gaming, computer tech, online shopping, social media, taking walks, and eclectic music tastes. 

It’s the simple things that make me the most enjoying family, friends and feeling appreciated for being able to help someone in whatever way I’m able!


Collis, Anna  (Bronnenkant)

Thanks for putting this all together for us.  My cell phone number is 480-529-4427, address 23650 N. 84th Place, Scottsdale, Arizona 85255.  Here's the bio-sorry  it's so long!
Hello, everyone!  I'm excited to be able to come out this year from sunny Phoenix, AZ.  After Nottingham I did my undergraduate work at Skidmore College in Saratoga Springs with a major in psychology.  Spent my first year after graduation working at Syracuse Law School and when I couldn't get into graduate school in clinical psychology, I went to law school.  I met my ex-husband in law school and we married in 1975 and moved to Phoenix.  We got divorced in 1993.

I love the sunshine in Phoenix.  I live in Scottsdale, which is a beautiful suburb.  The landscape, which often reminds me of the bottom of the ocean, is called the Sonoran Desert, often referred to as the high desert.  Yes, I get rattlers some times (I hate snakes!-but I call the fire department and they take them away), and havalina (a small herd made me so mad one Christmas for terrorizing me and my landscaping that  I got up on my roof with a cinder block ready to actually kill the pack leader--and I am a very patient and gentle soul--of course he was gone by the time I got up there fortunately for him--and me I guess.  I probably would have fallen off the roof), coyotes (they do not sound like wolves, but kind of a cross between cats and dogs), jack rabbits, quail, and the ever present  geckos (these I like).

I have 4 fabulous children, who are the center of my life.  My fraternal twins are 32.  Ty is in his second year of his emergency medicine residency. Adam is a structural engineer.  My son, Drew, is 27.  He has a bachelor's degree in psychology/communications.  After getting burned out working in sales, he is reassessing his life and working on finding his direction.  Tess, my only girl, is 25.  She graduated phi beta kappa in English from Arizona State University, is currently working at a small college and considering graduate school in psychology.  No one is married, but Tess assures me she and her boyfriend, Jon, are close to getting engaged.  (I hope they hurry up because they are living in a house they bought together, and as an attorney it makes me really nervous.  But Jon's a great guy and they love each other so I just need to breathe.)

My first job as a lawyer in Arizona was at legal aid in 1975, where I learned that I made less money than the check out clerk at the local grocery store.  I decided that I hated litigation, so my next job was as in-house counsel for savings and loans.  Much better environment, and I liked it a lot better than legal aid.  I had all of my children while I was working at the S & Ls.  In fact, I even went into labor with Tess at the office (did make it to the hospital though ;).  In the late 70's, a few friends and I started the Arizona Women Lawyers Association and I was the 4th or 5th president (who remembers?).  I know it sounds impressive, but it was more like--ok Lucia's done it, Susan's done it, I guess it's my turn (sigh).  Sandra Day O'Connor, was a Superior Court judge at the time and came to some of our luncheon meetings.  Since 1999 I have been working for the Arizona Attorney General in the Child and Family Protection Division.  I am the state's welfare lawyer, including all the state's financial programs (welfare-to-work, child care assistance, unemployment insurance, etc) and the program that licenses foster homes, child welfare agencies, and adoptions agencies.  I love my job.  It's like being in-house counsel for the agency, so I get to advise on things that substantially impact people in the state.

Most of you may know that I lost my brother, Greg (NHS 1971) and sister-in-law Pindi, two years ago when the engine in his plane failed on his way out here to visit me and my sister for the 4th of July.  I miss him every day.  But I am lucky  that I have my wonderful sister, Maria, who lives in the LA area with her husband and 2 girls.  We are very close and even more so now (if that's possible).  I try to live now in a way that values what is important, and my family and dear friends are of great value to me.  I am very happy and feel blessed to have such a wonderful and loving family.   I look forward to seeing all of you in August!

Here are some pics: 1. Me, Ty, and sis-Maria at Ty's med school graduation 2011

2.  Erik's (Maria's husband's) Viking b-day  August 2011 back row from left Adam, Drew & Tanner (ex's son), Drew's ex, Erik's mom-Gunilla, Ty in the blue shirt, Jon next to Ty (Tess' boyfriend), Erik's dad-Anders, bottom row Maria (my sis) on left, Erik's bro in law-Roger, Erik in black shirt, me squinting in the front, behind me my nieces Emilia and Anna (yes, my name sake), Tess, Erik's sis -Inger and niece-Esmerelda.
Pics 3 Me and Tess  in Ireland June 2010 (It was a hiking trip-really tiring, but really beautiful.) Went to France and England with Ty and Adam in 2002, Greece with Drew in 2008--and hope to take the whole family on a trip some day. Love travel!


Coupe, Brian

I am amazed at where life has taken me since our Nottingham graduation.  After graduating from the University of Virginia with an Aerospace Engineering degree, I worked the next 40 years largely in technical sales in the Washington, DC area, often selling to the US government. 

A sampling of my more unusual sales include a $58M “portable base” for the US Navy; French helipads to Gen. David Petraeus’ 101st Airborne and to the USMC for use in Iraq; 24 air conditioners for use in Siberia (yes, they absolutely had to have them); a custom Environmental Conditioning Unit for a payload waiting to go aboard the Space Shuttle; and a similar but quite different unit to maintain conditions for Degas wax figures at the National Gallery of Art.  A “spin off” of the portable base for the Navy was writing about half a page of the National Defense Authorization Bill one year in the 1990s and seeing it approved by Congress and signed by the President. 

I don’t feel I “accomplished” the above as much as these were along the paths life led me.  I have no doubt we all have had similar “accomplishments” but down very different yet equally important or satisfying paths.  Life is an amazing thing!  

I will add here that my 10th and 11th grade English teacher, Miss Kasberger, played a very significant role in teaching me how to express myself when writing – a rare talent for engineers.  It was only in my 40s that I realized she had been the best and most important teacher in my life.  I just wish I had told her so. 

In 1978 I met my wife, Paula, and we have now been married 34 years.  She is one delightful and crazy woman!!!  Presently I’m working for a non-profit in the Washington, DC area and trying to help them save themselves FROM themselves – they need all the adult help they can get!

Just recently we visited Ed Barr and his wife Ruth Ann, and Bob Chaffee and his wife Elaine, at Otisco Lake.  This picture captures a “special moment” shared by the 3 wives (Elaine on the left and Paula on the right).  Only they and God knows what they were looking at!

I hope to see you and other old Nottingham friends and to make a few new ones (if 45 years late) at this reunion.


Doug Covell Bio..................April 2017

After graduating from NHS I earned a degree in industrial design at the University of Bridgeport in Connecticut. I am thankful to Dora Torres for setting up my first date with my wife Eileen, second semester freshman year. We were married in '71. Eileen taught English for a year in Bridgeport while I finished my degree and graduated in '72.

After graduation I took a design job in Columbus, Ohio. We thought we would try Ohio for a "couple a years" while I fulfilled my military commitment (low, low lottery #) in the Army reserves. 6 months in New Jersey for Basic and Advanced training, then back to Ohio.

We started our family in '75 when our son Grant was born. Andrew followed three years later. Grant now lives in Chicago with his wife and twin sons. Andrew and his wife are in L.A. with their son.

My career was pretty straight line, working in design in Columbus for the same company for my whole career where I directed a group of graphic designers and product designers. The opportunities were constantly changing as the company evolved.

Eileen and I are enjoying grandparenthood and the time we now have to travel in retirement. ’17 will include New Zealand, Scandinavia, California and some road trips in our camper van.

A lot has happened over the years. I look forward to catching up with everyone at the 50th.


Davis, Becky  (Kemmerer)

I graduated from Grinnell, including time in Buffalo and Denmark (Copenhagen was more fun); met Rich while working at/attending SU, got married and moved to Tennessee where I got a MS in Planning and he a PhD in chemistry.  We moved around a lot with his career, had 2 kids, I worked as a transportation and environmental planner. Spent two years in Belgium then moved to the Atlanta area 20 years ago. Sarah is a legal aid lawyer, married with a 4-yr. old and 4-mo old and lives a couple miles away.  David is sales manager for a wine distributor and is also in the Atlanta area, lives with his girlfriend and her 4-yr old. We are so happy to have both our kids and the grandkids here. 

Having despaired of fixing the traffic in Atlanta, I retired at 50 and began taking painting, pottery, and metalsmithing classes.  I am still working on the painting and making (sometimes selling) jewelry.  Rich is mostly retired. We spend much of the summer at our place in Quebec, but it’s harder now we have grandkids. We see Debbie Abbott and her partner Bill regularly in Florida, Quebec, or this fall Cape Cod where they live.  Debbie and I play a mean round of golf.

Both our kids went north for college – Sarah to Skidmore and David to Syracuse.  It was fun going back for parents weekend etc., having him live on Euclid about a mile from where I grew up.  He was not ready for the winters. My sister still lives in the Meadowbrook area.  We do the junk food tour every time we go – Cosmos, Heids, and Dinosaur BBQ. 

I read Lynn Friedman’s post and had no idea that she was Lynn Bozof, who I had read about in the paper several years ago.  My kids went to the same high school as hers – I think Sarah may have been in Evan’s class.  She made a big difference spreading the word about meningitis vaccine and a lot of us East Cobb moms got our kids vaccinated after that.  I salute you, Lynn, and am sad for your family’s great loss.

Have a great time at the reunion.  Here are a couple pictures of my family, also a valuable archival picture of the Girl Scouts visiting Nelson Rockefeller in 1962.  That’s Nancy Stathes and me in the fashionable glasses up front and Mimi Miller getting in trouble for whispering to Barbie de Lima. Fun times. 
Karen Davison Blazey

Karen Sue was born May 8, 1950 and spent her early years on Scottholm Terrace.  She attended Charles Andrews School through 6 th grade and was one of the classes that fast forwarded third grade.  Her family moved to Fayetteville and She graduated from Jamesville  Dewitt HS in 1967. 

She graduated with a BA from Colorado University at Boulder, CO.  She earned her MS from Syracuse University and then a Doctorate in Educational Policy from The State University of Albany in 1981.

She married Mark Blazey in 1975. She met her husband while working as a special education teacher at Bellevue School  in Syracuse.
She moved with her husband to Albany and then Washington DC and worked for the Maryland State Department of Education in Baltimore as Chief of Curriculum.  

In 1982 the Blazey's had her first child, Elizabeth. In 1985 Karen and Mark moved to Pittsford NY and then Canandaigua.  Their second child, Mark, was born in 1986.

Karen and Mark started a management consultant firm in 1992 which just closed in 2016. Their work took them across the US and to many overseas countries.  She was the Primary for work for D.C. based intelligence agencies as well as corporations and Educational Institutions.

Karen is active in Canandaigua as Trustee for 20 years of Finger Lakes community college as well as on boards and foundations.  She lives on Canandaigua lake within walking distance of Wegmans.  She walks her dog Gryffendore, plays golf and Kayaks and enjoys sitting at the lake.  She is a passionate Harry Potter fan. 

She now enjoys 3 grandchildren located in Boston and Buffalo.


Edelberg, Janett

It's hard for me to believe that it's been 45 years since Nottingham.  There are days when I look in the mirror and still see a glimmer of my 18 year old self.  However, I'd like to think that I am bit wiser and more mature these days and I often say that "my laugh lines have taught me a few things!"  I am disappointed that I can't be at reunion; like many others, I will be there in spirit.

Here are my highlights from the past 45 years:

* Graduated from Cornell with a BS in Human Development (fancy name for Child Psychology)
* Married my high school and college sweetheart, Duane Tananbaum (from Buffalo)
* Moved to NY so Duane could get a PhD in American History at Columbia (took him 9 years)
* Worked at Grey Advertising in marketing research

* Divorced from Duane (married almost 10 years, no kids, just grew apart)
* Worked at Colgate Palmolive
* Lost consciousness and moved to Los Angeles for 18 months to take a job at Carnation
* Moved back to NY to work at Seagram
* Had an adult bat mitzvah -- proud day for me as I had been a Hebrew school dropout
* Bought my first apartment in Greenwich Village
* Brother Arnie (went to Nottingham for a bit but got kicked out and graduated from Manlius Military Academy '68) moves to Australia and I become an auntie to Michael

* Traveled extensively for both business and pleasure -- favorite places were San Francisco and Napa Valley,  Paris, south of France, Venice, Florence, Israel, Egypt, Morocco, Prague and, of course, Australia to see the OZ branch of the family
* Bought my second apartment in Greenwich Village

* Took cooking class in Italy 2 times -- Piedmont and Sicily
* Travel to Edelberg family reunions in Australia, Bali and Vietnam
* Travel / safaris in Africa 2 times; once for business and once to visit friends met on business trip -- South Africa, Kenya and Tanzania
* Seagram is sold (worked there for 17 years) / severance package allows me to take a year off
* Start a marketing research consulting practice
* Go to work for HSBC (one of the world's largest financial institutions you may never have heard of)
* Meet Ron Lasofsky (on JDate) and he is the JOY of my life

* July 2011 -- HSBC job eliminated after a major reorganization -- at first I said it was a blessing in disguise because I was working 60+ hours a week / now I realize that it was a GIFT
* November 2011 -- Ron and I celebrate our 9th anniversary
* January 2012 -- RETIRED!! I LOVE not working and have not been bored for a moment
* March 2012 -- completed an apartment renovation including designing my dream kitchen (and it may be featured in a magazine)!!
* July 2012 -- have just kicked cancer / hard to believe that I was in the hospital only 2 weeks ago to have my uterine cancer CUT out

Here are the pictures decoded:
#1 Janett and Ron at a wedding May 2012, #2 Janett with her doctors 6 days post surgery, #3 Janett and brother Arnie holding a picture of us taken 60 years ago, #4 my new kitchen.  Can you tell that hot pink is my favorite color???

janett edelberg, 60 East 8th Street, Apt. 34A, New York, NY  10003


Farino, Carl

After high school I joined the navy and saw the world, went around the world 3 times,saw many wonderful places.after getting out, became jack of all trades, master of none, until I became a Deputy Sheriff at age 45 for Onondaga County, worked the booking unit downtown on midnight shift, was quite a trip, finally took a transfer to the water department from which I retired. I have been married 29 years, have two sons and four wonderful grand kids which are the smile of my life! 


Feinstein, James and my home (408-991-9100), my work (408-245-0370),  and my mobile (650-739-5997).

I retired from the department of Defense as a Computer and Telecommunications Specialist and now have a BBB accredited business of my own.  I would like to meet the 2% of big dreamers, around the world, who are tired about whining that they don't have enough money to meet all of their needs and want to do a little fun but demanding work to do something about it.

I am also still doing a daily mile swim, running track, and conditioning my body to learn a rare form of martial arts.  I don't look much different than I did when in high school.

How are Alan Sukert, Michael Kauffman, Carl Freno, Gary Levine, and Gary Barlow doing?

Kind regards, James Feinstein


Friedman, Lynn (Bozof)

I live in the Atlanta area with my husband, Alan.  I had two wonderful sons, Evan and Ryan.  Both Alan and I worked in the aerospace industry, spending about 10 years in California before moving to Atlanta.  My boys were 12 ½ months apart, and we had wonderful years with them with soccer, basketball, and baseball, sometimes all at the same time.  In 1998, things changed, and that is what the attachment is.

 I retired from my job as a software engineer a few years ago, to work full time as the President of the National Meningitis Association, of which I am a founding member.  You don’t ever get over the loss of a child, and to find out that a vaccine could have saved your son’s life, had you known about it, is more than a life-changer.

 My younger son is an internal med physician in the Atlanta area, and we have a beautiful daughter-in-law and three wonderful grandbabies.  They are the lights of our lives!

 Please visit our Web site at  Also, here is a video clip of my younger son, Ryan, talking about his brother.

 It was recorded about 5 years ago, while Ryan was still in residency.

 I hope the reunion is a wonderful event!

 Lynn Friedman Bozof
Fullerton, Cheryl Ann  (Cohen)

45 years!  It just doesn’t seem possible, but in many ways it does seem like a lifetime ago.  My life experiences have educated and enriched me in so many ways that I feel I bear little resemblance to that teenage girl at Nottingham.  Anyway, after graduation I went to CCBI and became a legal secretary for a law firm in downtown Syracuse.  One November night in 1968 I was driving down Erie Blvd. E. after shopping and got a flat tire.  I went into the Mobil gas station and my life changed forever.  It was there I met my husband, Bill, who was working at the station part time after moving to Syracuse from Massachusetts.  As fate would have it, we dated for a short period of time and married in August of 1969.  We moved to a town outside of Boston and raised our 2 children, Sandy (41) and Jonathan (38).  Sadly, Bill passed away at 45 from lung cancer in 1994.  I had gone back to work many years prior to that for a CPA firm and eventually became the Office Manager.  Life dealt me another blow 7 years ago when the man I had been with for almost ten years passed away from a heart condition. They say you’re not given more than what you can handle, but I would like to think I’ve reached the limit! After John’s passing I left my CPA firm and began working at another CPA firm where I’m still employed.  Hopefully I’ll be able to retire within the next few years, but as we all know, that may not be an option in these times.  
Even with the sadness I’ve endured, please don’t think I haven’t had a wonderful life.  I am truly blessed with wonderful children and 2 amazing grandsons, Jake (14) and Jared (13).  All of my family live nearby so I get to enjoy them often.  Sandy is a labor and delivery nurse at Mass. General, and Jonathan is Service Director at a Toyota dealership. Of course when I read the other people’s bios, I can’t help but notice that I seem to have the oldest children – guess I started earlier!  I have an amazing group of friends who keep me very busy pursuing an abundance of social activities.  We even have our own karaoke group and frequent a local café where I’ve formed wonderful friendships with a group of people there who are like family. 
I have to be honest and say I really don’t miss Syracuse very much as I fell in love with New England.  Of course I miss my friends that are still in the Syracuse area, but I love the beautiful change of seasons here and don’t miss shoveling snow from October through April.  In any event, I wish I could be at the reunion, but am not able to make it this time.  I wish all of you a wonderful time and look forward to hearing all about it!


Gabriel, Chuck

July 2017 Update...............


Double ‘Cuse ( BA ’71;  JD ’73) 

Retired FBI Special Agent/Legal Advisor (’73-’02) – Newark; New York Office; Savannah and Atlanta

Lawyer (Admitted NY ’74;  Ga ‘00) / Practicing Litigator (’02 to Present)   

                        [thinking of ‘slowing down’ -  more or less]

Married 39 years to Jamie Gabriel, nee` Lerner – NHS ’72 [Incredibly fortunate]

Daughter Jenna married to Bart Devon, reside in WDC Suburbs

Son Matt Gabriel, resides in Charlotte

3 Dogs:  Twins: Sophie and JayJ;  Ole’ Man: GoGo [All multi-sourced “curb setters”]

Live in Alpharetta, Georgia

Previously submitted   I am married to Jamie E. Lerner Gabriel, have 2 children ages 24 and 21, and live in Alpharetta, Georgia (a northern suburb of Atlanta).  After Syracuse undergraduate (’71) and Syracuse Law College (’73), I entered on duty and then retired from the FBI in 2002 after 28 years.  I  now practice law, play golf, occasionally fish, and continue to stay out of trouble.


Chuck Gabriel


Gavenda, Faye (Shea)

I graduated from SUNY Binghamton in 1971 where, at age 19,  I met my future husband Kevin Shea.  After he completed his MBA at the Wharton School in 1973 we moved to Rochester New York where he began his career with Xerox.  I worked as a caseworker for the Department of Social Services for seven years until the birth of our children, Jonathan (1980) and Jamie (1983).  After being a stay-at-home-mom while the children were young, I went back to school to become a registered nurse which is what I really had wanted to do, but didn’t, the first time around.  Kevin and I had a good life and had the opportunity to travel to many different countries during the hay-day of Xerox as he rose through their corporate ranks.  Then in 2004 when Xerox was going through difficult times, he lost his job, reconnected through the internet with his high school girlfriend, and sadly our marriage ended.  

Jonathan graduated from Dartmouth College and works in Manhattan as a software engineer for Foursquare.  My daughter, Jamie, graduated from SU with a BS in nursing in 2006, the last nursing class that SU graduated.  She works as a dialysis nurse in Rochester and I feel fortunate that she lives near me.

I love being a nurse and have worked as a school nurse for many years for Pittsford Central School District (Jo---I live in Pittsford, not Fairport) and per diem on the inpatient orthopaedic unit at Strong Memorial Hospital.  While many of my friends have retired, I receive a great deal of satisfaction and fulfillment from my nursing  career and have no plans to stop working.

Pittsford is a beautiful small-town suburb of Rochester, with walking paths, resort-like small shops, and beautiful countryside.  I stay in shape by walking, and working (orthopaedic nursing is hard work) and gardening (which can also be hard work).  I feel blessed in many ways and grateful for all that is good in my life.  

11 Chatham Woods, Pittsford, New York 14534
Home: 585-586-6863
Cell:     585-377-1558
Goodman, Cookie  (Carmen)
After graduation I did a very brief college stint (1 semester).  I decided that life's lessons were better suited for my schooling.
I married Jonathan ( Jody ) Carmen, class of '65 after his college graduation.  This October we will celebrate 43 years of marriage.
We have one child, a son named Adam-Matthew born in 1977.  He currently resides in Charlotte, NC and lives with his girlfriend of 10 years, Dylan. Sorry no grandkids, just grand dogs and cats.
During my working career I was a Customer Service Representative for almost 24 years, working for Sears and then in the banking industry.
After losing my mom in 1989, I retired to travel the world. I have been to Europe several times to many cities, also Australia, New Zealand, Russia, I lived in India and have even been to the North Pole.  I then decided after several years of traveling to enter the workforce again.  I became a temporary office worker for 12 years staying with the same agency and loving going to a different job each day or week.
In 2002 Jody and I decided to retire to our condo in Pompano Beach, Florida after vacationing there for 20+ years.  We have lived there full-time for the past 10 years.  During this time I have enjoyed my sewing and have become a avid quilter.  I belong to several quilt guilds and sewing organizations.  I volunteer and do charity work through these quilt guilds and The American Sewing Guild.  I do local craft shows sewing for the American Girl and Bitty Baby dolls, sewing children's clothes and doing bling on onesies for infants.
Jody is semi-retired and a USTA Tennis official  in South Florida.  He loves being in Florida and not to be shoveling snow.
I still enjoy traveling and have taken several quilting trips and cruises.
I look forward to seeing everyone and this reunion and look forward to our 50th.
821 Cypress Blvd
Bldg99 - Apt 310
Pompano Beach, FL 33069-4090


Grauer, Sheila  (Fay)

To start with, I am very disappointed not to be able to attend the reunion as I love seeing everyone at the rare opportunities that I have to be back in Syracuse, but so it goes. I promise to be there for the 50th! Not much new from the last update 5 years ago. My husband and I are still practicing medicine in the great NW, and we will see what the future brings to that. No politics here, Frank and Les! We are dinosaurs…among the last of the private practice solo practitioners in our city. We will persevere as long as it is feasible. I am still the longest practicing female surgeon in the NW. Not really sure I should advertise that!

Our children have long been “gone” from the nest, but as most of you with children know, they are never gone and we continue to be involved in their lives with all their dramas and dreams. No complaints, but it can be quite time consuming as well! They are wonderful women and we enjoy watching where their lives will take them.

Our oldest, Rachel, will be 31 this year and she is a recovery room nurse at the University of Washington. She spent a number of years as an Intensive Care travel nurse in Arizona and California and has been back here for 2 years and is likely to remain in the Ballard section of Seattle. She is a passionate cook and baker and some of her patients think she is Rachel Ray (NOT). Thanks to her we have grand dog, Isis…half Akita half lab. Rebecca will be 29 this month and is a budding professional headshot photographer for performers, models and rising celebrities in NYC. She lives in the financial district and is still an opera singer and waitressing in a famous Times Square Restaurant where she often sings as well. Both of these connections lead to wonderful photo shoot opportunities for her. She has recently started doing weddings and hopefully the waitress job will become history. You can see her work at and Facebook. Our youngest, Jackie is 27 and moved to Israel a year ago and is making her way there as a cellist. She lives in Tel Aviv now, but that is temporary and she performs with many groups from Baroque to jazz and Klezmer. This year she had the opportunity to teach cello in a special program that took her to 4 schools, 2 Jewish and 2 Arab and each experience was unique. At this time she is likely to stay in Israel but we look forward to her visit this August. We all were together briefly in Israel this past February for the 13 month anniversary of my mother’s passing. It is a rare event as the family is so spread out, but that is life.

Our favorite recreation is taking our boat out on Puget Sound and I have attached a representative picture. We would love to see any one of you that make your way across the country to find themselves in the NW. Please don’t hesitate to call or write! Have wonderful time at the reunion!!!

Sheila .........Address is 2526 Vista PL S, Olympia WA 98501

360 754 7235  home / 360 561 4751  cell



(Updated BIO 06/01/17.    Updated pictures also, below.

Just wanted to update my bio.  It’s a little outdated since initially done.

Still living in Florida, still working at home as a medical transcriptionist.

Not ready to retire yet.  But Saul retired a couple of years ago and is happy to be done working, spending lots of time with the grandchildren.  Since the last bio we have added a couple more grandkids.  Four in all now.  Hannah is 9, Leah is 5, Madelyn is almost 4, and Noah, the only grandson, is nearly 15 months.  Happily, they all live very nearby.  I am looking forward to the reunion.  Just happy to be able to attend.  Hope to see you all in September. 

1601 N.W. 85th Way

Plantation, FL 33322




7534 Granville Drive  Tamarac, FL 33321    phone # 954-532-7875   email:

 After graduation I attended college for a year or so, and then 3 years after graduating Nottingham I married Saul Kalin (Class of '66), and am proud to say we celebrated our 42nd wedding anniversary this June.  We moved to South Florida in 1974, returned to Syracuse for a brief time from '83 to '85, and then returned to the South Florida area, where we have lived ever since.  We have two children, Wendy, 34, and David, 30.  Wendy and David are both married, and Wendy has given us two wonderful granddaughters, Hannah, age 4 1/2, and Leah, who is the newest member of our family, age 5 months, most definitely both the light of our lives!  Our kids both live within 15 minutes of us, which is wonderful.  I have worked as a medical transcriptionist for over 25 years now, working at home for the past 15 years, transcribing for various doctors in the area.  Saul has been at the same job for over 30 years, and we both hope to retire within the next two years or so.  Enough is enough!  We have both stayed in touch all these many years with most of our childhood/high school friends, and cherish those 50+ year friendships more now than ever.  As a matter of fact, when our son got married 4 years ago all but one of them traveled to South Beach from the various cities they now live in to share with us and enjoy with us one of the best weekends of our lives.  It was like our own personal mini-reunion!  I think that growing up in Syracuse was awesome, one of the best childhoods anyone could ever have.  And when you get to share those memories with people who share the same background and the same place growing up, its one of the best feelings in the world.  I am so sorry that at this moment I probably will not be able to attend our 45th reunion in August, but, with a lot of luck, I will be at our 50th to see everyone!  I hope everyone has a great time.



Grundel, Judy  (Oster)

As I write this, I am preparing to start a new phase of life.  After a glorious career with the Utica City School District as a Special Education teacher, I am retiring.  I have loved every minute of my job.  I have done self contained, elementary, high school, inclusion but love my STEP program in the middle school the best.  These were Intellectually Disabled students.  The best part of them was watching them grow over a three year period and knowing I made a difference in their lives.  They, however, made a difference in mine as well.

After NHS I went to business school and worked for the City of Syracuse.  In 1974 I married my BFF Mel and moved to Utica.  I went back to school earning an AAS followed by a BS.  We were then blessed with our newly adopted baby girl Jane who is now married and has 5 kids.  She has 4 boys and our only granddaughter.  She is a Midwife who teaches other midwives.  Nine years later we were blessed with our adopted son Adam.  He has 2 boys with a 3rd due in August.  So we will have 7 boys and our princess.  We are truly blessed with two awesome kids and all our grandchildren.

After Adam, I went back to school and got 2 master degrees in 3 years.  One in Special Ed and one in Reading.  Then I went to work fulfilling my life dream of being a teacher.
We've taken some nice family vacations including Israel, CA, FL, Texas and myself to London.

My plans for retirement are to see my daughter and her family more in Maryland.  My son is local.
I also plan on doing some traveling including a cruise.  I will continue teaching part time at the local community college.  I also will take care of my parents who are doing well and still live in the same house I did when I went to NHS.  I'm looking forwards to seeing everyone.  I agree with Dora.  Facebook has renewed many "old" friendships and I am super happy about that.

See you all soon.  Judy Oster, 4 woodland village, Utica, NY 13501,
Halpern, Chipper

Here is my bio:  After NHS I meandered through three colleges, before finally graduating from SUNY Binghamton with an undergaduate degree in Music. Having little musical talent, in a rare display of judgment, I went to graduate school in Social Work and received an MSW from SUNY Albany.  While at Albany I discovered and fell in love with the Berkshires and moved there in 1977.  For those who don't know, Berkshire County Massachusetts is the home of Tanglewood, the summer home of the Boston Symphony Orchestra, numerous theater festivels, first rate art museums, and a beautiful landscape.
I met my wife Ellen, an artist and art therapist, in Great Barrington and we never left Berkshire County - we now live in Williamstown.  We have been blessed with two children Rebecca, now 31 and Noah 29.  In regard to my career, I am currently the executive director of a non-profit organization, Ecu-Health Care. Our mission is to help uninsured residents health coverage. We do the outreach and enrollment in our area for all of the Massachusetts public health insurance programs and Medicare assistance programs.  I have been involved with health care advocacy for the past 17 years. In 2006 I was appointed to the board of directors of the Commonwealth Health Insurance Connector, having the responsibility of implementing the landmark Massachusetts health insurance law (RomneyCare).  Mitt Romney swore me into office, I'm sure he remembers me.  I wish everyone well.
Chipper Halpern......(Phil when my wife and I got married we put together our names so officallly my last name is Joffe-Halpern).


Hammer, Joel (

Upon serendipitously learning of the now past 45th reunion, I I perused my NHS Yearbook. Many intense feelings started resurfacing; an amygdala full! But that’s shrink stuff.

After graduation I did a brief stint at Boston U rooming with my fellow trumpet player Lou Ranger. Prior to graduating from SU I was drawn to the OR Tech program at St. Joseph’s Hospital  and Crouse-Irving with thoughts going into medicine/surgery. During those exciting counter culture years of idealism, narcissism, cynicism,and oye veyism  another Nottingham grad and old friend Mark Meadvin  and I spent a memorable time at Woodstock 1. I took pride that I could survive, mud, filth, bugs, sleep deprivation, sensory overload and  rejection ( better to have tried and failed than to have failed before trying then flaying for failing...)  Thus, it was either the US Marines, the IDF or Canada. Thankfully, I never got called. So, after Woodstock  I shlepped to Europe spending less for flight (remember Icelandic Airline?), food, “hotel” rooms, and anti -American encounters than flying from Syracuse to Boston. This was my first experience with Zen, but I didn’t know it at the time. Maybe it was the Alice B. Toklas brownies on the flight over, but that’s another tale.

After graduating SU I realized medicine was not for me so off to Israel I went, ostensibly to prepare myself for rabbinic school.  During my first month or two I met Mark Kowitt who was, to the best of my knowledge, living on a kibbutz.  How small the world is. After a challenging year  studying in Jerusalem and volunteering as an armed guard – luckily I fired 6 rounds into a sand dune that was shifting, thinking Jerusalem was being invaded by   spies sent by my mother to check up on me. I ended up getting my PhD in Clinical Psychology. I got an honorary certificate of merit for being the youngest member of  the Jewish Family Therapy Association at age 12.

After years of training, several jobs, and thousands in therapy bills I  took martial and mental arts training  earning advanced belts in anxiety and depression  with the ability to punch  neutrons out of atoms. . I left NY for reasons that may seem strange: too much noise, too little fresh air; too  many people, too little free space; too much shlepping on overcrowded subways; not enough public bathrooms and  blind dates  from the Twilight Zone.

Since moving to Delaware County, NY ( where the women are strong, the men unpredictable, and the sheep live in fear) I’ve been working at the county mental health clinic.    After half a century  of confusion, denial, and  meshugas I was blessed to marry Ruthie.  Each moment is to be lived fully.  Love is what it’s really all about.

Hares, Deborah  (Carr)    (

I think these photos show the range of 45 yrs.  As the photographer on many trips, I don't always get in the picture.  That has changed since Bill got an iPhone and lots of free time.

My first thought is of how lucky I am - to have a great life partner of 41 years, Bill Carr.  Who knew in 12th grade English class that it would turn out that way?  Lucky as well to have two wonderful children, Jason and Vanessa, who have made us happy and proud.  We are fortunate to have a great daughter-in-law, Andrea, and son-in-law, (also) Jason, as well as a very delightful grandson, 2 1/2 yr. old Gabriel.  The older I get, the more I realize that it is the people in my life that are the most important.
After graduating with a BFA from Syracuse University, I made it a point to work non-commercially in art.  I succeeded!  I seldom made any money in art and when my children were growing up, the talent I may have had turned toward posters for the school or party favors.  I have not regretted it in the least.  Work experience included stints as an inventory control clerk, Mattel toy rep, medical claims processor.  Nothing special.  For awhile I was "in charge" of all things PTA and School Site Council.  I was heady with power!  Until realizing how slow change really is in our nation's schools.

For the 13 years Bill worked at IBM, I "held down the fort" at our home in California but also had the luxury of traveling to his work locations and seeing a lot of wonderful places in the USA.  Having lived in California since 1972, I now consider that my home state but each year have made it back to Syracuse - for my parents, when they were alive, and to spend time at our place on Otisco Lake that we now share with my brother, Gene, and his wife, Kathy.  We are lucky indeed to have such a spot.  I arrive after the snow and leave after the Fair, taking a different route each way.  Our 2001 Jetta has over 194,000 miles on it.  I have been to every state and all but 3 of the state capitals.  As a baseball fan, I have also been to many major and minor league parks, and as an art lover, many museums.  Each trip renews my faith in our nation and my exhilaration in finding the say nothing of nurturing my coffee habit at independent shops.

Bill and I have also been able to mark a few special anniversaries by traveling to Europe - his airline miles and hotel points have been hard earned and joyfully spent.  As the T-shirts say, Life is Good.

Debbie Hares (Carr)............................Yes, I married Bill Carr!!


Helmer, Nancy

My Life So Far:
After leaving Nottingham, I received a BA in Political Science from Drew University (Madison NJ).  Since I couldn't, and still cant type, I was underemployed for several years.  I decided to try more education and received a Masters in Library Science from SUNY- Albany in 1975.  History buffs will recall this was in the middle of the first gas crisis and the era of Prop 13 in California that closed or cut back on many libraries in the country.  So it took four years and hundreds of resume to get a library job at Binghamton Psychiatric Center in the medical Library.  I was laid off by Mario Cuomo in May 1983 and found a job at the Brooklyn Public Library.  I left there in 1985 and spent the next 25 years running the Sussex-Wantage Branch of the Sussex County (NJ) Library System retiring in July 2010. 
I am currently trying to sell my 102 year old late Victorian house in hopes of moving to Delaware, the land of no sales tax. 
I never married and currently live with a spoiled Ragdoll cat.  Yes, the stereotypical gray haired retired librarian with feline.
I love mystery fiction, all things Harry Potter (I dragged Debbie Hares Carr to Florida last year to visit the World of Harry Potter last March, a big disappointment) and I used to quilt until my hands went on strike.  If things work out, I hope to go to London and tour Levensden Studios to see the original HP sets.

Hillsberg, Bonnie  (Goldsmith)

45 years later.....I never thought that my home town would be so amazing.  My connections to Syracuse are incredible on so many levels.  To digress - my parents were both born in Syracuse and my father’s side of the family emmigrated to Syracuse before the civil war and were one of the founding families of Temple Society of Concord - one of the oldest reform synagogues in the US (located on Madison Street near the University).  I have always been proud of my heritage.  I moved to Washington DC twelve years ago and needless to say - my closest friends are actually from Syracuse.  I am in touch with Janie and Mike Fragola who live near us, Debbie Stewart who resides in Manhatten and is my oldest and dearest friend, Jack Rouff who lives in Denver, my cousin Larry Meltzer who was in our class and lives in Topanga, CA and Lisa Colten who is a bit younger than we are.  When my husband and I traveled to Israel last year - we hooked up with Fran Maddy and her husband Gidon.  It was so cool - Fran has not changed a bit.  As soon as she saw me - she said the same to me.  It was great fun to have seen her after all these years.

My dearest mother passed away ten years ago. My father resides in Florida and my brother lives in Upper Montclair, NJ with his wife of 30 plus years. My two fabulous neices live in Manhatten.

As for my life after Syracuse -  I left Syracuse after high school and never looked back.  I have had a stimulating and very interesting professional ride  - two masters degrees  - one from Boston College in Special Education working with the blind and the visually impaired and the other from Washington University School of Medicine in Hospital Administration and a Doctorate in Chiropractic.  I practiced for 13 years and recently retired from my private practice.  I have been fortunate to have traveled all over the world and  just about to every state in the US.  I have been on the cutting edge of many health care issues over the last 30 years in both Special Education and in health care.  Currently I work for the federal government in the Tribal Affairs Group working on outreach and education for American Indians and Alaskan Natives.  Again - interesting, stimulating and fun.  I work with a great team.  

I divorced in the late 80s and most recently married the love of my life a year ago this past June.  I wake up eveyday thanking my lucky stars.  My husband, David Goldsmith, is the best man on earth.  We met at a planning session at George Washington University in 2008, remet in 2009 and got engaged on my 60th birthday in 2010.  Who would have thought?  We are perfectly suited for each other - we enjoy many of he same things (gardening, cooking, jazz, art, biking, hiking, tennis, traveling, etc.).  It is a match made in heaven.  We are a year apart, have similiar interests, love our families and even have the same blood type!  Debbie Stewart and Janie and Mike Fragola were present at our wedding.  It was a glorious outdoor wedding with family and friends.   We live in Silver Spring, MD and have a wonderful small golden retriever named Jazzy.  She is my first dog ever and I am totally smitten.

Last week, David attended a conference in Buffalo and I flew up to meet him.  We rented a car, drove to Rochester and stayed with my delightful cousins.  The next day we got back in the car, drove to Syracuse and went down memory lane.  We visited the house I was born in on Fellows Street, the house I grew up in on Ramsey Avenue, Charles Andrews, Hurlburt Smith, Nottingham and tooled around the “hood”.  Love those birdhouses all along Meadowbrook.  We drove all over the place.  We stayed in the Brae Loch Inn on Cazenovia lake, visited Chittnango Falls, stayed at the Esperanza Mansion on Keuka Lake and enjoyed a relaxing boat ride on Canadagua Lake.    The Finger Lakes are quite special and so is Syracuse.  We are lucky to have had our childhood in such a great area of the country.

Being that we were just in Upstate NY - regretfully, we will not be attending the reunion.  However, I look forward to our 50th!  Have a grand time at the 45th and best wishes to everyone!  And thanks to all those who organized this event.  And a big thanks to Dora for encouraging everyone to write something up.


Hohm, John

After graduating from Nottingham I attended Southern Illinois University on a Full Athletic Scholarship.   I owe a great deal to Nottingham for giving me  the opportunity to excel athletically.   At SI U. I received a Degree ( Bachelor in Education)  In Physical Education with a minor in Health and Driver Eduction.  In addition, I completed graduate school  at Southern Illinois and received a Master's in Education.  In 1974 I returned to Syracuse and was hired as a Physical Education Teacher in the Syracuse City School District.  I was also appointed Head Track, Indoor Track and Outdoor Track Coach  at Corcoran High School.  My first teaching assignment was at the elementary level for four years after which I became a High School teacher at Corcoran High School.  I found great success as a Coach at Corcoran winning numerous league and sectional titles.  In addition, the Cross Country Team  won 5 New York State titles.  I also continued running  after college   and competed in numerous local road races and 25 Marathons.   I was one of the founding members of our local running club, The Syracuse Track Club.  This year I have officially retired after 38 years of teaching and 114 seasons as Head Coach at Corcoran High School.  I continue to coordinate the Driver Education Program for the Syracuse School District.  In 2010  I was inducted into the Nottingham Hall of Fame/Class of 2010.

On the personal side I have three children:  Allison (Hohm) Gallagher, Dr Ryan Hohm (Physical Therapy) and Mallory Hohm.  I also have two terrific grandkids:  Cayden (3) and Kylee (1) Gallagher.  All three of my children attended the Syracuse City School District and all Graduated from Corcoran High School.  I also love to travel and have been to Ireland (4x), Germany (5x), Switzerland, and South Africa.  I look forward to more travel as I retire.

I owe a great deal to Nottingham High School.   I often wonder where I would be now if it weren't  for the coaches and teachers I was exposed to in high school.  It helped to shape the person I am today  and allowed me to attend both undergrad and graduate school at no cost because of the gift of Running.  I have spent the last 38 years of both teaching &  coaching returning to the Syracuse City School District.  I have always tried  to give my young athletes the opportunities that were given to me.

Best Wishes Class of '67,  John

321 Wellesley Road

Syracuse, NY 13207
(315) 478-7136

E-mail  jhohm1 @


Tanya S. (Ismestief) DeGenova

I graduated from Nottingham in 1967. At the time, I was using my maiden name of Tanya ISMESTIEFF.  I immigrated with my family from Morocco to Syracuse in 1965 and English was my 4th language. After having completed my B.A. at Syracuse (71) and my M.A. At Georgetown in International Relations (81), I spent a career (25 years) in the FBI. Starting as a linguist, I soon became a Special Agent and retired as a Supervisory Special Agent. Post retirement in 1999, I started my own Security Consulting Co and spent 2 years as a consultant to DOD in Germany during Operations Iraqi Freedom. Then upon my return to the US in 2005, I worked as a Personal Service Contractor for USAID (International Development Agency) throughout New England, as I continued to operate my security consulting/investigative business (TSD Security Consulting Group, based out of Boston, MA). Last April, I decided to go on another adventure--this time, I went to W. Africa, where I currently served as in a rank of Attache, at the US Embassy in Cotonou, Benin. I actually work as a Supervisory Training Advisor for the Department of Homeland Security/FLETC and am on detail to DOJ/ICITAP (International Criminal Investigative Assistance Program) in Benin.


Tanya S. DeGenova

Kalette, Stephen

In the Fall after graduation from Nottingham,  I left Syracuse for Ohio, first attending Ohio State University in Columbus for 4 years, then enrolling in Case Western Reserve University's Law School in Cleveland for 3 years, and finally settling in the greater Cleveland, area (presently living in Shaker Heights). I married my wife Debbie in 1972 (40 years this August), have a 36 year old daughter, Lauren, who lives in San Francisco, and a 33 year old son, Daniel, who is married (5 years) to Taryn (a Canadian), and lives in LA.  I worked for asmall boutique business law firm in Cleveland for 11 years after law school and then accepted a position with a small Cleveland-based public company client (now private), acting as Vice President and General Counsel, where I have been employed for 28 years.  I have no thoughts of retirement, as my Type "A" personality would result in a bout of insanity if I were not doing something most of the time. I enjoy golf and tennis, biking and seeing independent movies, but find myself traveling to California as frequently as possible to see my kids.  If ever I were to retire, I guess it would be some place closer to the West coast.  I attended our 15th reunion, but had not thought much about future contact with classmates until now.  The names of those who have written in, are attending this reunion,  or who have passed evoke memories (some good), but I am certain it will be shock when we all meet again.  Looking foraward to that day.  Stephen Kalette,
Kanthor, Alice  (Salita)

  I attended St. Joseph's Hospital School of Nursing. For six years I worked in the Newborn Intensive Care Unit, at St. Joe's. When I was ready for a change, I worked in an office setting. That just wasn't my thing. I moved to Salt Lake City, Utah and once again I worked in a Newborn Intensive Care Unit. I was much happier.

  Mark Salita, a retired rocket scientist, and I are married. We have lived in Ogden, Utah (north of Salt Lake City) and now have moved to Phoenix. Yes, summers are HOT - just think of a hotter and sunnier version of a Syracuse winter with no snow to shovel. You find a way to manage.  We have a son (26) and I have a step-daughter (36). In a few months, our son is getting married.

Certainly, one of the best reasons to live in Phoenix is the unlimited and year round baseball. There is spring training (major and minor league), extended spring training, low rookie, major league, and instructional league baseball. A hot summer night with lawn chairs, a picnic dinner and a free low rookie baseball game. What could be better? We get a chance to see some of the new draft picks in action. At the end of June, Lynn Friedman Bozof will be in Phoenix, on business. We will be getting together for a much smaller reunion.


Kauffman, Michael H.

124 Gadwall Lane, Manlius, NY 13104, 315-682-2728,

Still living in Syracuse after all these years but no complaints.  Currently working on winding down on a 40-year career as a CPA that included both public and private practice.  Started my career at Ernst and Young in Syracuse after completing my MBA from NYU in 1973.  Worked in public practice until 1988 then spent the next 25-years as CFO of a private company until retiring in 2006.  Couldn’t stay retired so became interim CFO at Turning Stone Resort and Casino for the next three years. Still can’t stay retired so now working part time for a CPA firm and doing some consulting. Preview

Married for 39 years (to the same person) with three grown (I think) kids all currently working and one granddaughter (six months old) who is the light of our life.  Can’t figure out what to do in retirement other than walk the dog, bike, Panera with the retired guys in the morning, visit the kids and try not to work more than 20 hours per week.

It’s interesting to look back on the last 45 years and realize that Nottingham made a big impact on my life.  My closest friendships to this day revolve around Nottingham. They include both people I have been a friend with since those days or people from the class of ’67 I have become reacquainted with along the way.


Kerkezi, Tom

I know you all expected me to become another Rich Little in show biz, doing my impersonations of Boris Karloff, Peter Lorre, Kirk Douglas, etc., but after graduation, I immediately went to work at the New York Central Railroad in East Syracuse as summertime clerical help, using a pencil and large sheets of paper to keep track of locomotives. Attending SUNY at Buffalo in the fall, I did well my first year, despite having to put up with the antics of Howie Miller, Les Scripa, and my cousin Nick Peters (rest his soul). Back to the railroad, now the Penn Central, for the summer again in ‘68 and becoming a little bit of a hippie.
In my second year at U.B., my intentions of becoming a pharmacist went sour as I flunked Organic Chemistry twice (once at the ‘Cuse in the summer). Oh well, I was having a great time at school though...joined Theta Chi fraternity and partied like it was 1999. After watching the film “Easy Rider”, I noticed a chopper for sale on a sidewalk and handed over my entire savings of $1200 for it. It was really worth it! I have pictures of it below.
Anyway, I ended up working for the railroad full-time and, believe it or not, spent my entire career there, mostly in Crew Management & Labor Relations....from Buffalo to Utica to Albany to Philadelphia (Conrail) to Jacksonville, FL (CSX), retiring in 2010.
I had two fantastic kids (Jason & Kim) with my first wife (1972 to 1984) and got married again in 1987 to my current sweetheart, Elaine. I have four adorable grandkids...3 boys & a girl...from 4 to 8. The two boys (Owen and Alex, who carry the last of the Kerkezi name) are here in Jacksonville while Tommy & Kate are in Chandler, AZ. I have to admit that what people say about grandchildren is true – THEY ARE VERY, VERY SPECIAL!!!
Besides family events, other highlights:

1968 – Saw John Lennon & Yoko Ono at Syracuse’s Hancock Airport with Howie Miller; attended the Jimi Hendrix   
            “Purple    Haze” concert in Buffalo.
            Got Muhammad Ali’s autograph after he let me feel his upper arm muscle on the steps of U.B.’s Student Union; he
            was speaking about his conscientious objector status.
1969 – Missed Woodstock; couldn’t get off work...darn!
1970 – Endured tear gas & pepper spray while protesting & rioting at U.B. after the Kent State shootings.
1977 – Survived the Blizzard of ‘77 in Buffalo.
2003 – Syracuse won the NCAA basketball championship.
2004 – Greece won the Soccer Euro Cup.
2012 – Successful surgery to remove prostate due to cancer.
God willing, I will see you at the 50th Reunion in 2017!!

Susan LaMar 

I’m sorry to miss this reunion, but I will be in Peru, hiking the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu!

 Ah, how to condense 50 years into a few sentences! Here goes: Right after graduation, I basically dropped in and out of college for about nine years, working my way along as a secretary until I finally graduated from Boston University with a degree in Urban Affairs and Economics. Oh, yes, there was a brief first marriage in there, too. I then worked for 20 years as Executive Director of various human service agencies in central Massachusetts: Employment and Training; Domestic Violence, Health Care. I loved all those jobs but began to feel a hunger for deeper engagement with . . . “something.” Where, I began to wonder, does one engage with people not just as victims, or patients, or students, but as whole beings – individuals who are members of families and communities and the world, struggling with it all and simultaneously seeking and finding joy and hope? Finally, in 1997, I recognized these wonderings as a call from God/God-ness/deepest values to ministry, and within six months was enrolled in seminary. I graduated from Andover Newton Theological School in 2001, was ordained in 2002, and after an interim Ministry in California I was called to a great little Unitarian Universalist church in Maryland where I served for thirteen years. 

 I retired last year and my husband Jack and I returned to Massachusetts where he is rooted and has family. (Mine is scattered far and wide.) We have been married for 35 years; he has a daughter and we have two nearly grown grandchildren.

 I am loving retirement and the total lack of responsibility. I have vague visions of writing a brief, accessible systematic theology and even have some very drafty beginnings. Maybe, maybe not. We’ll see. Meanwhile, I’m reading for joy and pleasure, walking, hiking, baking, gardening, meditating and exploring the possibilities for living a life of contemplation and compassion in a new community.

 Best wishes to everyone! Reading all your bios is a fascinating journey in itself.  And the pictures – oh my goodness!


Ketchledge, Susan (Mangus)

        Here is a short Bio for you too:   After receiving both my BA and MS from Syracuse University (in Spanish and Foreign Language Education - heavily influenced by teachers Richard Roraback and Mrs. Metosh!) I began teaching Spanish in 1972 at Cazenovia Central Schools in Cazenovia, NY... just southeast of Syracuse.  I stayed there for 32 years teaching Spanish while living in DeRuyter, NY.  My husband Gary and I had a very successful small Quarter Horse breeding and show farm in DeRuyter.  In 2004 we decided that the taxes and winters in central NYS were going to kill us so while the housing market was hot we retired, sold the farm, and moved here to the current farm in far western Kentucky.   Not to make anyone still in NYS jealous but my annual taxes are $545.00 total !!   We continue with our horses, altho on a smaller scale, with apologies to our ages.   See our little website:     Our newest adventure is into the world of Quarter Horse racing - we have our first race baby on the ground and are excited to see how he will do down the road on the track.   And along the way in all this I went back to school and became certified in German, and since retirement have added a few years of French at the local university (Murray State)... both those languages due to my maternal genealogy research,  I am only the 2nd generation born in the USA on my mother's side of the family.  I have found distant relatives in Europe and have visited many times, quite a thrill!
Levy, Bruce

Time has disguised me.  I bear little resemblance to my high school, or even college visage.  By happenstance, I recently encountered someone who was a part of my inner circle of high school friends.  He and his wife had not seen me for many years, perhaps not since our 20th high school reunion.  As we stood in line at Snow Top near the Manlius Swan Pond for ice cream, I greeted them and asked about their lives; work, home, children, etc.  As they answered, I could see that they were puzzled.  How did this stranger know so much about them, including the names of their children?  I began to slip in some hints, some as subtle as a slap of the face.  They finally got it and stated the obvious, “wow, you look so different.”  I took that to mean not necessarily bad, just different, at least that’s what I hoped they meant.

Before becoming incognito, I attacked life at a running pace.  I began working full time at Syracuse television station WNYS, then channel 9, just before the end of my second year of college.  I continued to work full time and go to school full  time through the completion of my Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees from the Newhouse School at Syracuse University.  I also found time in that insane schedule to marry Jane Rosenbloom the summer before my senior year.  Our first child, Howard, was born while I was taking comprehensive exams for my Masters degree.  I shuttled between the hospital labor room and the college exam room throughout that day.  Jane was very cooperative, having spent 26 hours in labor - more than enough time to complete the exams.  

After 9 years and various positions at channel 9, I became the production manager at channel 5 and a father for the second time with the birth of another son, Jeffrey.  The next 13 years were no more remarkable than the average family.  The kids grew older, we moved to the Manlius home in which we still reside, and Jane and I both built careers with a moderate degree of success.  Then, in 1991, as channel 5 was placed on the market, major staff cuts were made in order to make the bottom line more attractive.  Having seen the writing on the wall, one month before I was let go, I began the interview process for a position in the Public Affairs and Corporate Communications department of Niagara Mohawk.  It turned out to be a six month process, but I ultimately found a home that would take me all the way to retirement from a company that would become National Grid.  Along the way, we also acquired my niece who lived with us through her teenage and college years.

I have now enjoyed four blissful years of retirement, and Jane has been retired for seven years, culminating her career as territory manager for the Ross Products division of Abbott Laboratories.  

We fill our retirement hours with all the things the luxury of freedom allows.  Jane likes to walk (mostly hill climbing) with friends, bike, kayak and swim.  She also crochets, making and donating dozens of baby blankets to a local pregnancy crisis center.  Her hostess and cooking skills are legendary among all who know her.  I also enjoy rollerblading, skiing and scuba diving.  I dive year round, mostly  in Skaneateles lake, the St. Lawrence river and other sites throughout the northeast during the summer and in the Caribbean during our annual winter cruise.

We also spend a considerable amount of time in California, since both of our sons reside there.  Howie, now 40 years old, has a Master’s degree in immuno-hemotology and works for a pharmaceutical company.  He is currently working on a PhD in industrial psychology.  He has been married for 10 years and has given us two grandchildren, Leah, age nine, and Ashton, age seven.  Jeff, who will be 35 this November, graduated college magna cum laude and then attended the Culinary Institute of America in the Napa Valley.  He is now in the research and development department of The Puratos Group in charge of quality control.  Puratos is an international company with a range of products and application expertise in the bakery, patisserie and chocolate sectors.

We will be in Connecticut celebrating our 42nd wedding anniversary at the time of the reunion.  We wish all of you as much happiness as we have found and look forward to the promise of attending a 50th high school reunion.

Bruce Levy

Nick Malagisi

 Upon HS graduation, off to SU for 3 semesters before I decided that I needed a break & volunteered for the Draft for a 2 year enrollment, rather than opt for the national guard & a 6 year commitment. Not such a smart thing to do back in 1969, but the gods were with me. Basic training at Ft. Dix, NJ (first time I was on an airplane !), 19 years old, then on to Ft. Knox, Ky. and then to Viet Nam. I was fortunate that I didn’t have to go to combat, and was stationed at Ben Hoa air force base. Needless to say, I was a much more attentive student when I returned back home to continue my education at SU in Spring of 1971.

 I graduated in 1973 & got my first job in commercial real estate working for hometown Pyramid Companies who were building small shopping centers for anchor tenants like WT Grant & A & P Supermarkets. Fast forward to 1978 where I had moved to Buffalo to take a new job and where I met my wife-to-be, Mary Ann Raptopoulos (Yes, that’s very Greek), married the next year & eventually,” Wife, children, home- the full Catastrophe !”, as Zorba the Greek said to the professor in the Kazanzackis classic…………And we are still married after 38 years……..& blessed with two great children, Christopher & Anastasia.

 In 1980 while working as an independent real estate broker, I met a small company from California by the name of Public Storage & helped them find locations for their “mini warehouses” as they were first called back then. They hired me to work in their corporate real estate dept where I worked for the next 7 years covering a territory from Boston to Washington, DC. Little did I know back then that the mini warehouse business would become known as the self storage industry & that I would become a specialist in this commercial real estate sector. It’s been 35 years and I’m still going strong & enjoying my work.

 I am so thankful of the time & place where I grew up on Euclid Ave. in the 1950-60’s with the friends & classmates from grammar school to T Aaron Levy Jr HS & to Nottingham. It wasn’t a “Camelot” atmosphere, but it was a place & time in between the Wars where we grew up in a middle class environment, with working parents, a safe environment, and how does the author, Robert Fulghum put it in his classic book, “ All I really need to know I learned in kindergarten”……..that’s the way I really feel about growing up where I did and who I was with.

It wasn’t all peaches & cream, but it helped prepare me for life & who I am today.

 I haven’t missed a HS reunion and look forward to our 50th.

716.310.8314 (cell)


Mamat, Frank T.

After graduating NHS, I went to University  of  Rochester, (1967-71) then SU Law School, (1971-74) then  worked for the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) in DC from 75-79.  Then I worked for a NYC law firm  in DC representing Management in labor matters (starting with the UN and NBC)   (and the Reagan  White House ,part-time, 81-83)  until I moved to Detroit in 1983.  Since then, I have been representing Management in labor matters for a variety of law firms--head hunters keep convincing me  to make moves!)   Have a great wife (Kathy, who I met at U of R;  she is a highly successful Jewelry Designer with a national reputation),  2 boys, Jon (in Scottsdale, who is married  and grand daughter Ava, born  4 weeks ago!), and son, Steven, who practices  criminal, civil, business and real estate litigation in Royal Oak Michigan.

 Professor and Attorney at Law, Labor Lawyer for Management

Foster Swift Collins & Smith PC, 32300 Northwestern Hwy., Suite 230, Farmington Hills, MI 48334

Phone: 248.539.9919, Fax: 248.538.3619, Mobile: 313.333.7174,,

McLean, Samuel A.

3156 Whitaker Road
Fredonia, New York   14063
(716) 672-5268

After graduating from Nottingham, I went off to college at SUNY Fredonia, majoring in Biology (Secondary Education).  While in college I was on the college’s JV Soccer team and was involved in inter-dorm athletic events. College was where I met my future wife, Karyl, and we have been happily married for 41 years. While in college I remember the night that the Pentagon drew birthdays for draft proposes.  I “lucked out” and my number was 14.  I knew that after graduating from college I was going to get drafted.  Sure enough, a week after graduation I received my draft notice.  Not wanting to go into the Army, I went to the Air Force recruiter and signed up.  I spent the next 3 ½ years in the active Air Force,  and was fortunate to be stationed State side while on active duty. I was assigned to McDill AFB in Tampa, Florida and then to Langley AFB in Hampton, Virginia. I was able to get out early and spent 2 ½ years in the Air National Guard stationed in Niagara Falls.

The job search resulted in my actively applying for teaching jobs in Chautauqua County, since we were living in Fredonia.  When I applied for a teaching job in Mayville I recalled that military service is supposed to train people for jobs in the real world.  Since my specialty in the Air Force was environmental health, I applied for a health inspector job with the County, was hired and worked as a health inspector for Chautauqua County for 30 years.  The job was very involved with all aspects of health related concerns, such as lead inspections of houses, animal bites, rabies control, private home sewer installations, water treatment plant inspections, mobile home park inspections, restaurant inspections, and many other concerns.  I was in charge of the County’s restaurant program.  If there was a problem I was called to resolve the issue.  I was the hearing officer for cases that could not be resolved in the field. I have been retired from the Health Department for the past 10 years and enjoying it.  For the past two years I have been teaching Tai Chi classes for seniors at our local senior center.

Karyl recently retired from teaching at her alma mater, Fredonia High School, after 33 years as a Biology teacher.  Prior to teaching at Fredonia Central, she taught in Tampa, and Virginia while I was in the Air Force. Karyl and I have two children, Jeff and Kristen. Both graduated from SUNY Fredonia.  Jeff taught High School Biology for 3 years on Long Island, then decided to pursue his Masters and Doctoral degrees from CUNY in the disciplines of Virology and Cell Biology. He is presently a professor at Brooklyn College and will be applying for a research job after his wife obtains her doctorate in Virology and Cell Biology in a couple of years.  He and Aleks have a daughter, Lucyna who is 17 months old. Kristen has been teaching Biology at Cactus High School in Peoria, AZ. for the past 8 years.  Her husband, Sean, is teaching Math, also at Cactus. They have a son, Sean Jr., who is 15 months old.

Now that Karyl and I are both retired, we have spent the winters snow birding in Glendale, AZ.  This past winter we had the privilege of babysitting our grandson, Sean, Jr., three days a week.  It was a joy watching him grow before our eyes.  Next winter should be even more interesting than this past winter now that he is walking and talking.

It has been a very interesting 45 years since I left Nottingham High School.  I am sure it has been the same for all the other graduates, as well.


Meltzer, Jo  (Brown)

(Pictured below are Jo and Arthur in their "Dress up & Travel" best, dated 2013)

I feel damn lucky.  In brief chronological sequence-following summer of '67, moved to Cleveland, Ohio and in '71 earned BA at Case Western Reserve University (CWRU) 1971-for me the best parts were four years of ushering for the Cleveland Orchestra; antiquing; local politics, voter registration drives and other political advocacy, made a couple of very good friends along the way. winters not so good in Cleveland but Syr was good preparation for the lake effect snow and wind chill. Then, on to NYC in Sept 1973 (same day the infamous Attica Prison riots were happening) to work on a MS in social work at Columbia University. Got the hang of big city life and never turned back. Professionally, I have been in geriatric/clinical social work practice since then. Since 1996, I have been the administrator for the senior center at the 92nd Street Y. Have done some continuing ed to stay fresh in the field-one from Hunter and the other from NYU, focusing on aging and spirituality. So far, I have not figured out how to segueway from full-time work to part-time work. I love the Senior Center, have learned loads from my clients who represent a 40+ yr age span and many important life lessons. The 92Y is really dynamic place to be since it serves the entire NY Metro area and does programs "cradle to grave" so to speak. Also have a trainer at our health club who is a dynamo and ride my bike to work when I feel brave. 

Tampa, Florida March 1985: Met my "one and only" at the airport en route to visit my parents at their snowbird haven in Lake Worth. Arthur proposed on our second date and it's been an amazing 27 years. His work is primarily infectious diseases and employee wellness at MSKCC (Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center) where he is the Chief of Employee Health and Wellness. He has been there 35 yrs and counting. Originally from Trenton, NJ and he is a distant cousin of my college roommate (whoa) and went to jr high with a cousin of mine. How's that for "6 degrees of separation."

We love NYC, live in East Midtown, adore a newish apartment that we renovated in 2010-11 and can walk home from Carnegie Hall and theatre. We spend weekends in northern Westchester community about 50 miles north of NYC and decompress there- enjoying the natural world, gardening, walking, cooking, entertaining, hanging. While we have traveled to Europe, Asia and Israel over the years, for real relaxation and fun, we vacation in central Maine, in the Belgrade Lakes. (Think "On Golden Pond".) A good day usually includes kya

king, sleeping in the hammock and berry-picking. followed by large, steamed lobsters and Gifford's ice cream. When we drive into the State of Maine and see the big sign that says: 
"Maine, the way life should be" it always resonates. When we are on the lake and see shorebirds, eagles, loons, and watch for meteors at night- It's truly sweet. 

Trips to Syracuse have become infrequent since both of my beloved parents died. 
Ben, my father, in 2001, and Goldye in 2008. They were my inspiration. 
Last fall, Arthur and I had a decadent lunch in the 'cuse with a friend at the Dinosour Barbeque while we were traveling north for a wedding in Sacket's Harbor, NY (on shore of Lake Ontario) known for it's involvement in the War of 1812. It was good to be in town again. I stay in touch with a few people at the Jewish Community Center and the Foundation as well as my buddy Faye Gavenda Shea who lives in Fairport. NY and a non-NHS Syracusan, Jancy Ball. 

Sorry to be missing the 45th reunion and know that you will have a blast. Maine beckons the last weeks in Maine for last weeks of glorious summer. Maybe next time? 
Jo Frances (Meltzer) Brown
20 Sutton Place So. #15A
NY, NY 10022 home: 212-755-041


Miller,  Howard (

After graduation  spent four momentous years at SUNY Buffalo. Earned a degree in American History, returned to Syracuse and volunteered and then became employed at the Canal Museum. Three years later was hired by Onondaga Co Parks as Curator of the Salt Museum and Ste Marie de Gannentaha (French fort) in Liverpool.  In 1977 married, left Liverpool and attended Cooperstown Graduate Program in Museum Studies. Graduated in ’78 with an M.A and new-born daughter – Sarah,  was hired as Site Manager of the New Windsor Cantonment State Historic site in the Hudson Highlands last encampment of the Continental Army in the Revolution (1782-83)near Newburgh. I learned to fire muskets and cannon and did some blacksmithing. In 1984 moved to Connecticut and became Museum Director for the Connecticut Historical Commission. Divorced in 1986; Became Curator of the Museum of Connecticut History at the Connecticut State Library. Learned  a lot about Colt firearms.  

Visited New Windsor for a former employee’s farewell party, met and fell instantly in love with current wife, Lloyd. Moved into a great old waterfront house in Branford on Long Island Sound; Got married.  Did the sailboat and scuba thing. Bought a home in Cheshire

In 1999 I enlisted in the First Company Governor’s Horse Guards; Chartered in 1788, the troop is part of the Connecticut’s Organized Militia and one of the oldest continually active horse cavalry units in the U.S. Largely ceremonial in nature but also trains for search and rescue and crowd control. I learned to ride horses, served as troop historian, supply sergeant and armorer. Became a certified pistol instructor; Rode in two Presidential Inaugural parades; Attended 6-month National Guard NCO school;

At work, became a Union Steward; never lost a grievance (10 and 0) museum position eliminated in 2006 due to budget cuts: (See 10 and 0). Qualified for early retirement.  Bought a second home in Santa Fe. NM. Resigned from the Horse Guards in 2011 with rank of Sergeant.

Daughter Sarah married in 2009 and first grandchild, Grant Miller Paulson born in Columbus OH in March, 2012. Lloyd and I divide our time between Connecticut and New Mexico with our two dogs Eli and Webley. I do some writing and teach courses for people who want to obtain a pistol permit in CT. and/ or concealed carry in NM. (I will not be armed for the reunion!)
Phillips, Barbara  (Davis)

I have been on faculty of University of Rochester School of Medicine and Dentistry for the past 26 years, currently Associate Professor of Neurobiology and Anatomy, Director of Human Structure Function course and Director of the Medical Education Pathway which I started four years ago to teach medical students how to teach. I love my work and have no plans to retire until they put me out to pasture.

Speaking of pastures, I live on a farm in a circa 1841 farmhouse that my husband Denny Linsner and I renovated after our marriage around 10 years ago. When not sitting on the front porch watching the corn grow, we do a lot of hiking, mountain biking and skiing. We are working on becoming Adirondack “46 ers”, the goal of which is to climb all 46 peaks that are above 4,000 feet. We are at 25, with some of the tougher ones ahead of us, so we shall see.

I am fortunate in that my three children and their spouses and my six grandchildren (all boys - ranging in ages from 6-18) live within an hour’s drive. They all ski and hike, much to my great joy, although it is getting harder and harder to keep up with them.   Alex, the oldest grandchild , has his first serious girlfriend, but I am hoping not become a great-grandmother any time soon. My “men” are pictured below. The big guys are Jeff’s, the red-heads are Shana’s. Rachael has opted out of parenthood for the time being.

Life is good.

Terri Lee Port (Stratton).........Updated 04/09/17

After graduation I left Syracuse to go to New York City to join the School of American Ballet.
Two years later George Balanchine accepted me into the New York City Ballet. I spent 10 wonderful years dancing with the company and had the pleasure of performing ballets choreographed by Mr. Balanchine, Jerome Robbins and more. After leaving the company I left for the University of Utah and spent four years as a Visiting Assistant Professor in the Ballet Department. After getting married I moved to Seattle to teach at Pacific Northwest Ballet School. After 10 years at PNB I decided to spend more time with my children. Samantha is now a writer for television in Los Angeles and Zach is a landscape designer.  I spent the election year volunteering for the Democrats and continue to try to work on various ways to try to bring the divided country together. My Australian Labradoodle Stanley and I are a pet therapy team. We spend once a week with the kiddos of Ryther Child Center. These children are wards of the state and are no longer in the foster care system. Love to you all at the 50th take pictures :)
Pierson, Bob

After NHS, I went to and graduated from The University of Colorado. In the process, I met my wife Ellen. We married in 1972 after her graduation and settled in Binghamton, NY where I was active in the family business for the next 24 years. Everything was pretty "normal"; children, soccer and a minivan. In the early 1990's the business began to fail and in 1994 the business closed and we moved to Scottsdale, AZ. Hotter than hell, but 362 days of sunshine and you don't shovel heat. 

Our daughters Karen (36) and Lisa (34) went off to college and ended up in Los Angeles. After commuting between Scottsdale and LA for 4 years to visit them, we moved to LA in 2005.
I started working in the not-for-profit world as a business manager. I am now the Business Manager for a private K-6 progressive elementary school and love it. However, all the moving and all the jobs finally took their toll and after 40 years if marriage we have separated.

After missing the 40th, I promised myself I wasn't going to miss this one. Reading all the bio's has been great. I can't wait to see everyone again.


Cohen, Ronda (Hegeman)

Two days after graduating from Nottingham, I started working for NY State in Syracuse. While working, I attended OCC and graduated in 1973. Soon afterwards I contracted a serious illness which, after several operations to remove tumors and correct other issues, resulted in sterility at age 26. In summer of 1979, a promotion moved me to Albany, where I met my husband and subsequently got 2 more promotions in the computer technology field. We split amicably in 1992, due to diverging interests and goals. I remained in the tech field until my retirement in 2004, when I moved to Chittenango where my father and sister still lived. My mom passed away in July 2002, then my dad in April 2009. My sister Laura lives in Hastings (with Florida soon on the horizon), brother Irving in Georgia and brother Billy in Pennsylvania.


I owned a condo since 2008 but had to sell it in late 2015 due to health issues. Since then I’ve been a resident at the Oaks in the Menorah Park complex in Dewitt. I no longer travel but I participate actively on resident committees, scheduled outings, exercise classes and social events where I live. Hobbies and enjoyment include reading, classic movies, gaming, computer tech, online shopping, social media, taking walks, and eclectic music tastes.


It’s the simple things that make me the most enjoying family, friends and feeling appreciated for being able to help someone in whatever way I’m able!

Radin, Lewis

Attended American University off and on between 1967-1973. More off than on. I did have some good times and met my future wife Carol. Moved back to upstate new york in the late 1970's. Since then I have worked mostly in photo specialty retailing. Currently I own Ra-Lin Discount with my sister Marsha. Unlike many of you, no retirement in sight, at least voluntary retirement. Carol and I got married in 1978. She's been keeping me in line since then. We have two children. Rose is 32 and is currently completing a PHD in bio-statistics. I don't know what that is either. Our son Charlie is 28. He's a marathon runnin', non-stop talkin' foodie and just completed a masters degree in library science. First granddaughter is arriving in early November. I'm still trying to figure out how to be a good parent.

Most of the time I'm at work. In my free time I love to read, mostly fiction. After loving music all my life I started playing tenor and soprano sax a couple of years ago. Bad news is that I have no musical ability whatsoever. Good news is that it doesn't matter, I'm having a ball making a racket with my sax. I live on a pond in East Syracuse, not far from green lakes state park. Back in the days when we still had winter I liked to x-country ski there. These days I run along the canal path and ride my bicycle but no spandex!  In the summer I like to swim, sometimes in thornden park. Cheaper than prozac or therapy. Loud music has not done my hearing any good, my fingers are getting stiff, and my back is not so great but I can still chew my own food.

I'm excited about seeing people again after all this time. Who woulda thunk it.


Riposo, Philip

Married to Hillary Shaw Riposo (15 years); 10 Manomet Street, #139, New Bedford, MA 02746

508-833-6404,; Ryan Riposo age 45 (Plymouth, MA), Alida Nora age 27 (Winthrop, MA) and Chris age 29 (Falmouth, MA).

Ryan moved to MA several years ago and is buying his first house.  Very excited for him and I am looking forward to lending a hand with gardens and landscaping!  Alida finished up her Masters program in Miami and landed a great job in Boston.   She brought her fiancé with her and got married last October in Ft. Lauderdale during Hurricane Matthew!  Her groom, Matias Alexis Nora, is from Argentina, and they cut quite a rug when dancing together.   Chris is now managing 5 GoMobile Verizon stores and thriving. 

Hillary, after working in higher education administration for 30+ years, is starting a new business.  “Hillary’s Kitchen Wisdom” will be launched in June, and she will be offering cooking lessons and meal/party planning.   She’s taught cooking lessons for the past two years in Grand Cayman and is excited to start teaching in the States.  I’m excited for her too and support her 100%.

We still live in two countries—US in the summer and Grand Cayman in the winter.  “Use it or lose it” is our motto. We play golf year round, scuba dive, and work out regularly.  I continue to run competitively and, although it’s getting harder and recovery time is longer, I love it and won’t quit ‘til I’m dead.  

"Our health and daily attitude are most important to us and we make sure EVERY day we own up to it's importance."
---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Phil's pictures below.....................
Patty & Me..."days gone by", with Hillary at seaside, skiing at Sugar Loaf, Alida, Ryan & Chris in Sagamore,
Alida in San Marco Square (Venice), Diving in Bonaire, Raquel my granddaughter (Phoenix), me stepping to the line in  World Track Championships in 2008 (check out the guy's singlet next to me! He kicked my ass), my XC "kids" from Bourne HS.


Rouff, Jack (UPDATED 08/01/17) 

    Well, this is a bit of a challenge. But I will try to give you the Cliff's notes version of my last 50 years. Following my Nottingham years, I went on to the University of Buffalo and then to Syracuse where I earned my graduate degree in Social Work. In the late 70's and at the urging of a good friend, Jon Seigle, who we lost in 2006, I moved out to Colorado. It is a great place and I have never regretted the move. I spent my first few years or so out here getting settled witih work that I enjoyed and continuing to go to school in the University of Colorado's Business program. In 1983, I went to work for the City of Denver and held jobs in varying capacities over the next 25 years till retiring in early 2010. In between, I completed my schooling again, met Lisa Buxbaum who I married in 1986, and had 2 wonderful girls, Dina and Naomi, who are now 29 and 27 respectively. 

     Since retiring, I have been doing a number of things. Given my affinity for school, I earned an online certificate in something called Business Sustainability Management (basically, how to create and manage "green" companies). Since I spent part of my working life as a grant writer, I worked in a volunteer capacity doing just that for a non-profit organization. I have also been a volunteer through our local Jewish Family Service, seeing some of their clients with chronic illnesses as part of a friendly visitation program. I also work with our synagogue on a committee that develops lectures on various topics related to Judaism. I am continuing to work part-time in a local AIDS service organization helping clients who are seeking volunteer opportunities.

     My wife, Lisa, retired from Lockheed-Martin about a year ago. She  worked on a variety of aerospace projects over a 30 year period. She loved her work at Lockheed, but is finding a variety of things to do in retirement. Despite a busy schedule, we manage to do a lot of fun things too. There is much doing on the Denver professional sports scene and we try to take in as much as time and our wallets will allow. We manage to see about a dozen Denver Nuggets games each season, as well as several Colorado Rockies games. We're also into bike riding (we have a tandem that's great fun), day hikes, and trips into the mountains. 

     It sounds like Phil, Jay, and others on the Reunion Committee are doing a great job in planning an enjoyable weekend. Hat's off to all of you. I'm looking forward to catching up with you and others in September.

 Jack Rouff   


Rubin, Jeffrey

After Nottingham, I went to SUNY Binghamton (Harpur College), graduating in 1971.  I was interested in public administration, and from 1972 until 1974, worked at the Syracuse Housing Authority with some wonderful people, writing grants proposals and administering the programs that were funded. Responding to the call of law school, I attended Syracuse Law from 1974 until 1977, also working part time for Onondaga Neighborhood Legal Services.  I had planned to continue at ONLS after law school, but one of my mentors suggested that my skills as a litigator would be enhanced if I had the opportunity to  develop them at a good New York City firm, rather than being oppressed by the caseload I’d immediately face should I move directly to legal services. I was fortunate to have had an offer by a wonderful NYC firm (at which a protean Syracusan from another era, Louis Marshall, had been a partner).  Rather than assigning me to litigation, though, because they noticed I’d taken a securities course in law school (the professor, Bill Hicks, was a fabulous teacher), they put me into the corporate department. I loved the work, and never looked back. I changed firms in 1982, joining the Squadron Ellenoff firm. Among the clients we represented were Rupert Murdoch, at the time when his limited activities in the US were mostly confined to newspapers. It was an amazing run: among other things, I participated in the acquisition for the Murdoch organization of the Boston Herald and the Chicago Sun-Times newspapers, then half of Twentieth Century Fox (followed about a year later by the acquisition of the other half), then the Metromedia television stations we purchased from John Kluge (which became the nucleus of the Fox television network), Chris-Craft and its affiliates (which owned about 10 television stations), and the Family Channel (now owned by Disney).  Along the way, I worked on many securities offerings for News Corporation (Murdoch’s at-that-time Australian parent company), took Fox Entertainment Group public, and also spent time in the UK working on the IPO and later securities offerings for British Sky Broadcasting.   The Squadron firm merged with the Washington-based firm Hogan & Hartson in 2002, and Hogan merged with the international firm Lovells in 2010, creating Hogan Lovells. I’m currently a partner with Hogan Lovells.

I also became involved in American Bar Association activities, primarily in the Federal Regulation of Securities Committee of the Business Law Section.  I served on, and then became chair of the International Securities Matters Subcommittee, and then became Vice-Chair of the entire Committee for the comment letters we submitted to the SEC and other entities relating to proposed rulemaking. In 2009, I became chair of the entire Committee, which has about 2,700 members and is the largest and most prominent organization in the US representing and providing service to securities law practitioners.  My term as chair ends tomorrow (August 6th), and I have been elected to serve a three-year term on the Council of the Business Law Section, which is the Section’s governing body.  I’m currently attending  the ABA Annual Meeting in Chicago, where yesterday I was stunned and honored to receive this year’s Business Law Section Chair’s Award, which is given annually to the member of the Business Law Section who has contributed most significantly to the Section and its members.  To say I’m humbled would be an understatement – I so wish my parents were alive to share my joy at this honor.

On the personal side, I’ve been married to my wonderful wife, Leslie, for 19 years, and have an extraordinarily special daughter, Karina, who is now 16 and is making sure I know about all of today’s musical artists (at least all those who appeal to 16 year old girls!).  Karina’s very into musical theater.  We live in the Chelsea area of Manhattan and also have a house in the Berkshires (I have a passionate love affair with both Manhattan and the Berkshires).  Friends should feel free to reach out to me.  I often don’t check my commercial email accounts for months on end, but I’m on Facebook (though I sometimes let time lapse between Facebook visits) and my work email (which I check incessantly) is  My cell number is 917-617-4327.  I’m hoping (at this late date) to make it to the reunion and look forward to re-connecting with old friends.


Sagenkahn, Andrea  (Andie Silver)

I have lived in Colorado since 1971. I love my work as a psychotherapist in private practice, a yoga teacher and a Laughter Yoga leader. I have one daughter who is a circus performer. I work in Denver three days a week and spend the rest of my time living with my fiance in Boulder. I enjoy yoga and meditation, hiking and being in the mountains.  Life is good and I am very grateful.,


Sarkin, Larry    (

After graduating from Ft.Lauderdale University I went to work for my father at Youthtown. Spent a couple of years there, and after some disagreements got into the iron on transfer wholesale business.warehousing and distributing them to accounts that had t-shirt press machines. Soon after I opened "Tops To Please" up at SU. I had that store and The University Shop for about 20 years. During the same time period I bought a screen printing business on Teal Ave called Salina Ace. Eventually closed both stores and remained in the screen printing business. I recently bought 2 automatic machines that totally opened up a new market of business.

I lived in a townhouse on James Street for 20 years (the old tudor style ones near Friendly's). Also had a summer home at Sylvan Beach. 5 years ago I sold both and bought a home on Chittenango Creek in Bridgeport, a 2 minute boat ride to Oneida Lake. I share the home with Marianne, whom I've known for over 15 years.

LIFE IS GOOD, Larry Sarkin

Scripa, Les

Tempus fugit.  45!!!  Wow!!

After Nottingham, went 1 year at SU then transferred to SUNY @ Buffalo where I earned a BS in Chemical Engineering.  After college, married my wife and it will be 39 years this July.  We have two children, Jon-Jeffrey who will be 36 shortly and Emileigh who will be 33 shortly.  We have 3 grandsons, ages almost 14 in October, almost 11 in September, and 2 at the end of August. They are a lot fun and consume a good portion of present lives.

My work career has been entirely in the chemical area.  Have worked at United Technologies, Hooker, Occidental Chemical, Lubrizol, and Detrex Corporation.  I have been involved in R&D, receiving a couple of patents, sales, marketing, licensing technology, and most recently running a chemical division at Detrex.  I have traveled the world selling chemicals and building chemical plants in Asia, Africa, Europe (all western Europe), and N. and S. America.  Have worked on fuel cells for power generation, chlor-alkali technology, plants, and sales, and other chemicals that are used in semiconductors, batteries, foods, and pharmaceuticals to name a few.   We have lived in Connecticut, NY State, and now Ohio for the last 22 years.

Received an MBA with a concentration in finance in 1981 from UCONN while working at United Technologies.

Heading out for Orlando and to visit a friend just outside Atlanta just before our reunion.  Will see my mom there and visit Disney/Universal with my grandsons.  Assuming I survive FL and GA because I sure do hate the heat, I will see all of you a couple days after I return from that trip.


Slive, Joseph (full bio pending)

My email address has changed, it's now -
Home phone - 770-928-0401
Significant other, my wife - Janet
Children - Joshua (21) and Rachel (15)

Slotnick, Jay

26 Pawnee Road, East Brunswick, NJ 08816,   732-251-1073,

After graduating from Harpur College (in Binghamton) I lived in Boston through the 70's.  After 5 years at New England Life, I began a 23 year career as a programmer/analyst for the Bell System (New England Tel, AT&T, Lucent, and Avaya), until they forced an involuntary 'voluntary' retirement on many of us in 2001, just six weeks before 9/11!  Not the way I planned to retire and certainly not the time, with one son in college and the other soon to begin.  And 9/11 kind of froze everyone in their tracks, which also didn't help. But thanks to a Home Equity Line of Credit, I was able to pay all my bills and keep my house until things got better.

I've been married to Sheila for 40 years, as of Labor Day just past.  We were actually fixed up by my father.  Sheila came to Syracuse for a wedding of one of her friends from Boston, and the bride was the daughter of a family friend.  My father noticed Sheila at the wedding and when he found out she lived in Boston he introduced himself to her.  He was smart enough to know I probably wouldn't have called her if he suggested it to me directly. But the weekend after the wedding the bride was graduating from Northeastern, and her mother called me when she came to Boston for that.  She told me about Sheila, so I called her and we went out.  We were engaged five months later and my father passed away less than a month after our engagement, so at least he knew his matchmaking worked. 

We have two sons.  Saul is 36 and married two years.  He and his wife, Emily, live in Los Angeles while she is getting her PhD at UCLA.  No idea if they will stay there when she is done or move back east, since she has a small but very close family in New Jersey.  We love her family and Emily is wonderful, for us and for Saul.  We'll find out one way or the other in about a year when she looks for a job in her field, which is higher education administration. 

Our other son, David, will be 33 next month.  He and Lisa have been married three years and live less than four miles from us.  They made us grandparents in February when they had Elsie Marie.  David & Lisa met in pre-school at our temple when they were two or three years old.  They were best friends in the early years and drifted apart in high school.  Lisa came back to live with her parents a few years after college and David was living at home, so they started hanging out as friends and it eventually blossomed into love.  We've known and liked her parents for over thirty years and Lisa's brother and Saul are best friends (Saul was best man at his wedding!) so it is all one big happy family.

We moved to New Jersey in 1983.  I transferred from New England Telephone to AT&T to help during the breakup of "The Phone Company", since I had worked on some centrally developed applications that came from Bell Labs, and I helped to allocate some of the assets between the various companies.  We've lived in East Brunswick for 31 years now.  We’ve slowly updated our house over the past 10 years so we could enjoy the updates and not just be forced to do it on the way out, in order to sell.  Now that we are done, I like my house more than ever and don’t really want to move away, especially with Elsie and her Mommy and Daddy being so close by.

I am working at ADP now (since 2006), but not as a programmer or analyst any more unfortunately, especially since I loved doing that; just some general IT work.  Sheila also lost her job when her company closed her office and she has been working at ADP since 2009.  I found a Client Services job for her on our internal job search site but had nothing to do with her getting it.  I have been working from home for the past three years, which allows me to exercise every morning during the time I used to commute, so I’m hoping to be around for a few more reunions.

I’m thinking I will work several more years, since it is much more agreeable without the commute.  Sheila wants to retire as soon as possible, so if I can get her to go for a couple more years, I will give in and let her do so.  We had been uncertain where to move once we retired but most likely will stay where we are for the foreseeable future.


Stander, Lyle

My life in a paragraph...

Left Nottingham with all of you and went off to college. Graduated SU School of Journalism in ’71. Got married in college and unmarried in the late ‘70s. Had my wonderful daughter, Rachel, in 1974. I am now a grandfather of two – Allie, 6 and TJ, 3. Spent most of the ‘70s as the Associate Publisher of the Syracuse New Times. As is the case in the journalism world, you think you are making a difference but you are definitely not making much income. In the late ‘70s got recruited into the commercial real estate business doing both brokerage and development in Syracuse. In 1982, after a cold and snowy winter, decided to take my career south and settled in Tampa. I continued with real estate selling and developing where I met my current wife, Julia. We got married in 1994 and had Sam in 2000. I took one last turn in my career in 1991 and went into the financial services industry where today I am a Partner with New York Life in Tampa. It is definitely a trip being our age and having grandchildren and a twelve year old son!


Stathes, Nanci  (Lappin)

A very brief synopsis of 45 years

Graduated from Buffalo State College in 1971 with a degree in Elementary Ed. Married my college sweetheart Dan Lappin University of Buffalo class of 1971 right out of college. We moved to northern NJ and I worked in retail management as I was unable to secure a teaching position. Craig was born in 1976 and Nikki in 1979. I was a stay at home mom until 1985 when I began a successful real estate career. I also was a school board member/president and involved in local politics. Split with Dan in 1989 and developed breast cancer that same year. Had bilateral mastectomies and am appreciative of every day and every birthday. Met Greg Christel who has been my life partner for the past 22 years. He is an amazing person & can always make me laugh. My children are married and Craig & Mandie live in Tampa and Nikki & Justin live in Seattle. I have 2 beautiful grandchildren, Craig’s son Jaden & Nikki’s daughter Leah. Greg’s daughter Jen & her husband Dean live in NJ.

I’m a huge fan of the game of baseball and I adore the Yankees. I am not totally one dimensional as I do have other interests although from April to October one might find that questionable.

The years have had much joy and some sadness, excitement and comfortable routines, lots of hard work & lots of great rewards. It’s been a great ride so far and I am looking forward to the future.


Stoutenburg, Barb (Hogan)

How is it possible to be looking BACK on so many years and so many experiences?? 

My husband, Mike Hogan, and I were married in 1975, have three grown sons, and are happily adjusting to life with ‘just us two’ again.  We’ve moved several times because of Mike’s career, and while the moves were sometimes difficult (New York to Massachusetts to Connecticut to Ohio and back to New York), they provided me with many fascinating professional and personal opportunities that I wouldn’t have had otherwise.  Mike has run the mental health system in three of those states (CT, OH and NY) for a combined total of 25 years.  We were in Columbus, OH for 16 years and moved to Albany in 2007 for him to be part of the Spitzer administration.  (!)  He survived the transition to Paterson and now Cuomo.  Along the way, I’ve been a speech and language development specialist, an administrator of special education, an executive director of a non-profit for young children with disabilities, chairman of our local school board, and an early childhood specialist in the state departments of education in Massachusetts and Ohio…. among other things!  My current responsibilities as a Policy Analyst with the New York State Council on Children and Families include work on quality standards for a rating and improvement system for all early learning and care programs in NYS.  It requires interagency collaboration, which is challenging because of the tight economy, but rewarding when it works.  Our sons are awesome!  John is in Boulder, CO working at a golf course in the summer and ski resort in the winter; Paul is in a master’s program in Health Services Management and is marrying an amazing young woman September 2 in Chicago; and Will is in Denver, CO, paying his bills, by some miracle each month, while focusing on his priority of playing music.  Looking forward to seeing folks in August and comparing memories of our days at NHS.

(Mike & Me, Sisters L to R: Karen, Sue, Anne, me and Sally, L to R Will, Paul, Mike and John)


Torres, Dora

1005 Alyssa Drive; Groveland, MA 01834;; 617-285-4531

When I reflect back on the 45 years of my life after graduating from NHS, it reminds me of the major decisions I have made over the years, which can be summarized into certain categories.

1.       Love:  I fell in love with the New England area after moving to Boston in 1971 to attend Boston University, never to return to upstate New York. I like the fact that Boston is not known for its urban chic, but rather for its culture of rowdy fans, Italian food, different neighborhoods, architecture and history. I love being able to drive to NH, Vermont and Maine and still get home if I want.  We get the ocean and the mountains, the smelly subways, city beaches and lots of bright, talented college kids. There are a number of museums and music venues to choose from, even in the burbs.

After stumbling through a number of male relationships, I finally caught my stride when I was 35 and met my first husband, an ex social worker who owned a karate studio, a man who loved jazz and helping others. We rented an apartment near the beach and lived simply, happy with our work, friends and contributions. Steve Gelin died in 2001, shortly after 9/11.

One learns a lot during hard times, and I learned to have faith again, in the kindness of others, a higher power and how truly strong I was. I learned about living in the moment.

In 2004, I had my taxes prepared by Steve’s accountant as always. Something inside me told me to call him and ask him out for coffee.  Dave Lombardi and I have been together ever since. I feel so blessed to feel so happy and loving again. With Dave’s suggestion, I retired early, and we have enjoyed travelling, setting up house and doing different things together that we both enjoy.  I love him very much. He gets me.

Santorini, Greece in 2007

2.       Work:  Becoming a school counselor at the age of 30 was a great decision for me. If any of you remember, I was not exactly the model student but was always the social butterfly. Who better to help kids navigate the social world of peer pressure and interactions than me? I loved working as part of a team of professionals who worked with special education students, teaching life lessons in individual classrooms and listening to harried teachers and parents.

I could pretend to be Oprah.

This career also enabled me to retire with a monthly pension. At the end of each month, a check gets deposited in my bank account. I love America.               

3.       Friendships: I have been very fortunate in accumulating many friends over the years. They are better than clothes that go out of style or that you cannot fit in anymore. It’s been fun to reconnect with friends from childhood and college on facebook again. When my father became ill with cancer and died at the ripe old age of 93, I learned that it was my “old” friends that I wanted to talk to and hear from. There is something very special about having people in my life who actually knew me as a kid. That’s why attending reunions is important to me. I look forward to seeing classmates and feeling that connection.

Van Swall, Mimi  (Nelson)

I finally stopped trying to catch my tail some years back and discovered that I had a viable talent in the world of art.
I remarried Ray Nelson after 10 years of young love with Leo Sheedy. Ray was a headmaster and scooped me up
with my 12yr old daughter Leigh, and we moved to Geneva ,Switzerland where Ray was the head of the International School.
 I bought my first Nikon and after three years of traveling in Europe and befriending people from all walks of the globe we moved
to the island of Cyprus where Ray headed a TASIS school and I worked for the Director of the Department of Archaeology. Our
3 year stay was short lived when terrorists planted bombs on the campus and we had to close the school. I had a significant find which substantiated a Canadian team to come in and discovered a neolithic settlement. My mother bought me a book on archeology when I was 10.  Go figure.

We slogged back to the states with a Cyprus Bishon and a Swiss Maine-coon to forever be estrangers translating $$ into foreign currencies. Ray became a independent school turn around specialist in Richmond, VA, Saddle River NJ, where I finished my degree in Art, majoring in everything as I loved it all, especially clay.!  11 schools in all. In 1997 I was asked to create something for the Millennium  and what became a circle and two women grew to 4 women and a presentation at the Library of Congress. I shocked myself. I was never so happy working 18 hour days in research and copyright search. The Millennium Time Tapestry had a 35 pg. web site until recently and you can now find a reduced version of it. We have a line of upscale products and have published  a book which won two international gold awards. My art website has been defunct since the Cloud took over, so any of you Mac users who can help me spin it up there  would be greatly appreciated. I can't drive these days to the Apple Store or anywhere for that matter as I've been having Hemi Plegic Seizures for a year and a half.  Slowed me down enormously which is why I cannot attend the reunion. I cannot be near any noise or more than 4 people. This is so not me. Spent years schmoozing  parents ,kids faculty, board members and loads of entertaining and running huge events.

This is the past. Time to appreciate my breathtaking garden, husband, and quiet.

So I'll miss seeing you all but I'm a phone call or email away.
; 610-255-5940  h
Wangerman, Cathy  (Neuner)

212 Peterson Dr., Camillus, NY 13031

Attended Keuka College from 1967-69.  Graduated from College of Forestry (ESF) and Syracuse University in 1972.
Married Mike Neuner 1974 (38 years) Children Matthew (1978) and Christina (1981).
After working for Upstate and VA Hospital in Syracuse for 6 years, got jobs with Onondaga County, and was computer programmer/analyst.
Took early retirement incentive at end of 1980 after 30 years with the county.Now working part-time in same place as a commuter consultant.
We have 4 grandsons, Caleb (9), Luke(7) and  Brady (2).  Matt and Amy are their parents.
Seamus (6 months) Sean and Christina Boyle are the parents.
I love the outdoors, bird watching and canoeing. I volunteer at our local nature center Baltimore Woods.  
I'm trying to read all the books I never had time for the past 30 years. I crochet at times. I also volunteer with our local PBS station, WCNY and hope to be helping out with children's programming in the fall.  We watch all the travel shows and hope to do some of that soon.  We have been to Zurich, Switzerland twice, once to visit Tina and Sean and once to visit them plus Seamus.


Weiser, Natalie (Remson)

Hello Everyone!
After Nottingham I attended SUNY Brockport and then SU.  In 1977 I left N.Y. and my marriage with a 2 year old and 4 dogs for sunny California! Always found employment, a place to live,  and completed a fashion design program at Bauder College, Sacramento.  I did well in the program, earned awards, etc., the economy took a tumble and I wound up deserting that dream to work for the government in order to pay bills.  Working in Human Resources for 30 years was a great, rewarding job.  I retired in 2010.  My son also works for local government, but never had my intense desire to get a college education.  He'll figure it out one day.  My job was in recruitment and civil service testing .  The rewards were huge:  helping people get jobs, and securing a nice pension for me.  It's impossible to remember all of their names, but I met thousands of wonderful people! 
I have a large extended family in California and they keep me active.  My son lives only a few miles away.  Northern Calif. is great, the topography is much like Upstate N.Y.  We are a day's drive to anywhere!  My latest hobby is making and selling gemstone jewelry and going to gem shows.  I've been busy traveling, just returned from a trans-Atlantic cruise to Europe followed by a week at the French Riviera. Life is great, and I'm grateful for every sunny day!
I miss all of my high school friends, who I sincerely hope will make the effort to attend this year's event.  I'm coming 3000 miles!  Really enjoyed reading all of the bios!  Thanks to everyone who worked so diligently to coordinate this reunion.
Best regards,   Natalie (Weiser) Remson
Hm. 916-369-0660; Cl. 916-541-0778; Address:  4508 Olympiad Way, Sacramento, CA 95826;
Werner, Bernard

(In a letter to Susan Ketchledge Mangus)

Except for maybe one evening in college, listening to the soulful songs of Simon and Garfunkel, I haven't ever felt lost...

The last few years, I've been moving around because of my job, so have misplaced my Nottingham book of memories. But I do remember rather fondly a smiley, bright, young lady with sparkly eyes named Susan.

Yes, I remember that motorcycle ride. Apparently the scandal left you scarred as well. Unfortunately I had to get rid of it some months later that summer. I never got a tattoo (although my daughter has 2). Nowdays the doctors and lawyers are reliving their memories they never had from "Easy Rider".

I went to New Mexico for the archeology, but have lived most of my life doing IT (Information Technology), which I am still involved in. Somehow this old dog can still learn some new tricks.

Hopefully you enjoyed the fruits of my passion in my online gallery that you found. Google is your friend. We'll see for how long....

Hickory, KY may be small, but it certainly is in an interesting place -- with a choice of 6 states and surrounded by major rivers and lakes.

I hope life has found you well and happy.

Enjoy! Bernie,  Edinboro, PA

Wright, Richard

20 Shoreline Dr., Falmouth, ME 04105               

I had always hoped to work in the entertainment business. To that end I graduated from Ohio Wesleyan University in 1971 and later received a MFA degree in Theatre from Ohio University-Athens. The big change came just about thirty-five years ago, while living in Maine, I became a member of the International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees, IATSE, or more plainly a members of the Stagehand's Union. This affiliation provided me with the opportunity for a lifetime of adventures.

In 1980-1981, I toured as an electrician with Ice Capades starring Tai Babalonia and Randy Gardner. It was during that year I met the amazing Roberta who turned out to be my wife for the past 29 years. Following Ice Capades, Roberta got a job at the Meadowlands Sports
Complex in New Jersey . While living in New Jersey, I worked in NYC, predominately at the Kaufman Concert Hall at the 92nd. Street Y.  After a few years in the metropolitan area, I returned to Maine with Roberta and we both eventually ended up working at the Cumberland County Civic Center in Portland. Currently Roberta is the Director of Marketing and I am the House Electrician. Along the way I toured with Moiseyev Dance Company, Martha Graham Dance Company, Georgian State Dance Company, The Central Ballet of China and Maurice Bejart's Ballet of the Twentieth Century. For five years I was the Technical Director of the Theatre Department of Bates College in Lewiston, Maine.

Roberta and I enjoy traveling. We like to visit art museums, attend the theatre and other performing arts events. I have developed an interest in fine art and have become quite a collector. I especially enjoy trips to NYC to see plays and musicals. While it is an extremely tough ticket, my favorite show now on Broadway is
The Book of Mormon.  Written by Trey Parker and Matt Stone (South Park) it is rather vulgar but wickedly funny. Roberta and I live in a wonderful house over looking Casco Bay just north of Portland. We live with our 16 1/2 year old Abyssinan cat, Rocky . My best wishes to everyone.

Thanks to Liz Handler for letting me know about this reunion. I look forward to see you all!
Zalmanoff, Tena (Myers)

             To say that I’m disappointed that I  cannot attend the reunion would be an understatement. My husband Roger and I attended the 20th and had a ball. Unfortunately life gets in the way while you’re busy making plans. After graduating from Nottingham, I attended Buffalo State majoring in Elementary Education. Being in a hurry to graduate, I was in the  accelerated program and graduated in three years. Student teaching was cut short due to the riots and I never got to say good-bye to my students. I met and fell head over heels , literally, for my husband Roger at a basketball game at the University of Buffalo. Before the game began I noticed an apparatus room off of the main gym.  I was very excited to see the rings, not noticing there were no mats under the rings. I immediately began to hang upside down from the rings forgetting that I had stockings on.  I slipped out from the rings and onto my head. My husband likes to joke that he should have been forewarned about the “rings.” I love jewelry.

I taught in the Buffalo School System until our daughter Jessica was born in January 1995.  Our daughter Merredith was born two years later in 1997.  Ashley was born five years later.  My husband opened a professional pharmacy in Buffalo and operated it for 15 years until we sold it to Rite Aid. With two of our daughters having graduated from college and our youngest starting tenth grade we thought it would be a good time to think about moving to a warmer climate.  My second Master’s Degree in Reading completed we took a trip to Las Vegas staying with my cousin. While swimming in his pool I decided I could handle this kind of weather.

We do love Vegas.  I taught 5th grade for several years before teaching 7th grade reading.  I retired two years ago due to an unsuccessful foot surgery and have been trying to discover what to do next with the second part of my life.  Our oldest daughter Jessica is married and has 2 children. She is an environmental science major and is currently working at the Buffalo Museum of Science teaching teachers how to teach science. She also is the owner of “Buffalo’s Bounty.” Check out her Facebook page. Everything is organic and healthy. Our middle daughter Merredith has 3 children and is selling real estate in Buffalo. Her middle child Charlie has had 2 heart surgeries to correct a congenital birth defect. He will be having his third surgery this September to complete the 3 step process changing his four chamber heart to a three chamber heart. Charlie is the reason we won’t be able to attend the reunion. We will be back in Buffalo in September and then driving to Rochester for the surgery. I will probably be staying in Buffalo taking care of the other two children driving back and forth to Rochester.  Our youngest daughter Ashley just completed her classes at the Medical University of South Carolina in the PA program. She has gone on a medical mission to Uganda and will be going to Nicaragua in December. She will be spending the one year doing rotations until she takes her boards next summer. We’re very proud of our 3 beautiful daughters.

We would love to attend the 50th reunion. We’ll be thinking of all of you. Thanks to Phil and the committee for all of their hard work.


Zimmerman, Golda

Hello friends,

I am having fun and happy.  I also have been very lucky.  After graduating from Boston University I became an elementary school teacher in Kansas where I completed my masters degree at the University of Kansas in higher education.   I returned to Syracuse and accepted a position at Syracuse University as part of a team to design and install the  new student records system which employed computers.  This installation was ahead of its time and the university hosted a multiday seminar for higher education folks from around the country.  (  Remember those old days when the major computer installations were just beginning… almost 40 years ago!)

I was planning to leave Syracuse to go to law school in Ohio.

One of my bosses was a great guy named David Kapell .   He offered to pay for my law school education if I stayed in Syracuse rather than going to Ohio.   Of course, he wanted to protect his investment by marrying me.

Shortly before graduation from law school, we were blessed with the adoption of our first child, Jeremy, who works in emergency response/law enforcement and lives in Fayetteville and is married to Katelyn.

I began my legal career working at my brother’s desk.  He was already practicing law.   I emphasized working with children and families in my practice.  Before too long, my practice became limited to a domestic and international adoption law practice.

Our second child, Bethany was adopted in 1986.  She is a special education teacher and soccer coach who played NCAA soccer in college in Boston.  She lives about 20 minutes from us when we are in residence at our Florida home located in Hobe Sound.  Hobe Sound is about 20 minutes north of Jupiter and 10 minutes south of Stuart, Florida.

In 1992 I received an invitation from the Chinese government to travel to China and start working with them to open Chinese adoption for United States citizens.  David and I travelled there together.  He served in the Peace Corps in Afghanistan previously and was very skilled and patient working in the international arena.  I on the other hand, am still a type A, and want to ask the question and get an answer immediately.   I had much to learn.

In preparation for the trip, I met with a former  under Secretary of State to try and get a feel for what I would be experiencing.  He took one look at my 5 ft. 9 inch height and the first words out of his mouth were,  “ Is there anything you can do to make yourself  a little shorter?  If not, you better sit down as quickly as you can!!”

 That was the start of my journey in Asia which eventually culminated in  having staff and an office in Beijing for 18 years .  I made numerous trips to China and all throughout  Asia.  I also was instrumental in assisting many, many Americans in being able to form or expand their family through adoption.

 Along the way, I was an adjunct professor of Adoption Law at Syracuse University College of Law for ten years, wrote 2 treatises on adoption law for the New York State Bar Association, lectured all over the United States and Asia, became a founding member of the American Academy of Adoption Attorneys, an active  member of the Women’s Bar Association of New York and my local bar association.  I also was honored to receive the Congressional Coalition Angels in Adoption Award .

 Our children have been the true focus of our lives.  Both have become fine human beings and caring adults.  See how lucky I am.

 I was able to do all this because of my wonderful husband  has always carried more than half the load and was never threatened by success… what a gem.

Also because our children learned to do laundry at age 8 and often slept in the next day’s school clothes so everyone would have less to do in the mornings;  get out of the house on time carrying the lunches made the night before.

 You may remember my baby sister, Jeanne, who was 6 years younger than me.  We lost her to a second stroke in 1991.  Her husband also died a few  years later.   She left 2 young boys, Josh and Alex , who we have  gladly added on to our immediate family.   Both live in Florida and both are practicing law.  Josh will be married to April in October and Alex began his first law job this year.  They are great young men who have had to endure so much loss.  You will see them in our family photo which is attached.  Josh and Alex are the dark haired boys, Kate has the long dark hair and the other two are Jeremy and Bethany.

 My work has been so rewarding and I hear from and see so many of “my children” who I was lucky enough to participate in them finding forever families.

 Not to say everything has been easy.  I am a breast cancer survivor of 21 years and David has spent last year battling base of tongue cancer.  He is doing great ! He can now eat about anything after surviving the intense treatments , a gastro tube and tracheotomy.    We made it through teen years, qualifying state exams, the murder of one of our long term staff by her estranged husband and loss of friends and family who we lost too young.  I can’t tell you the number of times I pick up the phone to tell my sister something and she has been gone  more than 11 years.

 We continue to travel all the time and have a few more places to see on our bucket list.  We just returned from a three week trip to Russia and Finland.  David is busy planning our next adventure.

 I have been retired for 3 years,   I still do some consulting and expert testimony if the case is one that interests me.  We spend about 7 months at our Florida home and the remainder of the year on Henneberry Rd. in Pompey.

 If I can recall at the last reunion, our class looked pretty good.  I am eager to see you all and to see if I am still recognizable. Thanks to all the organizers, especially Jay Slotnick and Phil Riposo for all their hard work and being the catalyst to bring us all together again.

 Golda Zimmerman / 4879 SE Longleaf Pl.  Hobe Sound, Fl. 33455 / 3814 Henneberry Rd.  Jamesville, NY 13078 /Cell 315 7271066