"In Memory of Those Classmates We Have Lost"

Most Recently Update 09/27/17.
48 classmates "lost to us", 20 new "announcements" since the 45th reunion (recent 20 highlighted below).

Please click on  philip.riposo@gmail.com to share with us anyone we missed for this Memorial page.

                               Janet Amrose

                               Alan Ashkin 

                                Peter Brandt

                                Charles Coombs

Mary Ellen Consiglione Deane                               

                                Jay DeBruin

                                David Derbyshire (added 11/02/12 by Iris Maxon)

                                          Bob Derbyshire (added 03/14/17 by Jay Slotnick)

                                Alan Eaton

                                Barb Ferrer

Beth Gansert Spencer (added 10/24/15 by Joan Ross)

Myron Grossman (added 03/18/17 by John Brown)

                                William Greeley

                                Lynn Gustafson (added 08/18/17 by Trink Hamler)

                                Tim Haley (added 02/15/15 by John Brown)

                                           Nancy Iles Berger (added 09/20/17 by George Lee)

                                          Joyce Harper (added 03/31/17 by John Brown)

                                          Maureen Henry

                                Jean Hope

                                Robert Hyde

                                Janice Levy Rothenberg

                                Wilber Lewis (added 09/03/17 by Jasper Royal)

                                Roy Lipman

                                Rosalyn Littman Robinson

                                Larry Lurie

                               Gay Marcellus

                               Michael Moody (added 03/09/16 by John Brown)  

                               Bruce Murray

                               Nick Peters

                               Robert “Bobby” Piron (added 08/24/12 by John Brown)

                               Lester Price (added 08/20/12 by John Brown)

                               Roseanne Purcell

                               Kristen Ralph (added 08/30/13 by John Brown)

                               Patricia Riposo                            

                               Scott Rustin

                               Ronna Jean Schermett

                               Jon Siegle

                               Chester Simmons

                               Mike Stratton (added 12/10/12 by Mark Teitelbaum)

                               Ronald Strong

                             Wayne Stuffing   

Lynn Tankle (added 10/03/15 by Iris Ann Maxon)

 Mark Teitlebaum (added 07/07/13 by Jay Slotnick)

                               John Waldron (added 10/06/12 by Lew Radin

                               Catherine Wangerman Neuer (added 09/26/17 by husband Michael) 

Tom Watt (added 10/22/15 by Iris Maxon)

                               Karen Worman

Howard Zimmerman (added 02/01/16 by Mark Kowitt)