(a/o 09/27/17)

Updated by Jay Slotnick & Phil Riposo


Total Class Size Was 




Classmates Confirmed "Found" are



             Classmates Confirmed Deceased are


(That we can confirm remembering the number we don't have contact with)

    Classmates "Lost" 153


  • The attached Excel file above is Jay's hugely expanded and updated classmate list including "multiple" phone, email and address contact information.
  • The list is also COLOR CODED :
    • Black Font for "Found" classmates with current  contact information,
    • Red Font for "Lost / Unconfirmed" classmates with no contact info. 
    • Olive Font for "Deceased" classmates.
  • To update any "Found", "Lost" or Deceased classmates just click to contact us at: philip.riposo@gmail.com
  • NEWLY FOUND classmates since 45th reunion (2012)............................... (30)
Tena Zalmonoff (Myers), Susan Ketchledge Mangus, Bernard Werner, Howard Grower, Taro Alps,
John Kelley,
Kathryn Bonacci (Kalunian), Laurence Wallace, Judi Port (Metzger), Sheri Berger (Petty), Helen Speno (Bridgewater), Scott Schiffner, Joel Hammer, Michael Moody, 
David Tyminski, Patricia McNabb, Ed (Kalette; changed to Chapman), Andy Matlow, Louis Rubenstein, Lew Freeman, Larry Meltzer, Nancy Iles Berger, Al Palone, Susan LaMar, Bobbi Berkman,   
Katherine (Trink) Hamler Fahey, Ira Dubnoff, Mark Meadvin, Constance Vaughn Scaglione, Alice Anderson Stevenson