All CURRENT NHS Class of '67, 50th REUNION INFO can be found by scrolling down this page.
  • NEXT CONFIRMED RSVP's & REUNION UPATES will occur weekly until the reunion.
  • SEND IN YOUR "RSVP QUESTIONNAIRE SURVEY" to the ABOVE email address. Questionnaires will have all information as to reunion event night selections, package prices, "+1" confirmations, Saturday "Day Event" selections, Saturday night menu selections and your invitation the Sunday Brunch at Golda's will be found in the "Questionnaire Survey". There will be instructions to send your reunion package fees to Joan Ross Vinal.
  • IMPORTANT: If you have not received the RSVP QUESTIONNAIRE, email Phil and one will be sent! 
The "RSVP LEDGER", located at the bottom of this page, will tell you your RSVP status and who else is coming!
The "RSVP PICTURE GALLERY", following the RSVP Ledger, is now updated weekly until the reunion. 
  • Friday & Saturday Night events COMBO package will be.....$110 ($90 for your "+1").
  • Friday Night ONLY package will be......$65 PP ($45 for your "+1").
  • Saturday Night ONLY package will be......$65 PP ($45 for your "+1").
  • Saturday "During the Day" events will be paid ala carte by classmates as they occur.
    • The Greenwood Winery & Bistro lunch and Wine Tour/Tasting is approx. $23 PP, tax & grat. included.
    • The SU-Central Michigan game tickets are $16-$77 PP (Go to
    • NOTE: We are now aware the game start time was changed to 3:30pm from 1:00. Bellevue is only 10 minutes away.
  • Sunday's Brunch........."All are welcome!" (no additional money required)
  • SPECIAL NOTE: We wish ALL classmates to come regardless of financial situation. Confidentially email Phil if help is needed.
  • We have a "HOTEL SYRACUSE" ROOM BLOCK & best pricing even though events will NOT be at the Hotel.
    • The Room Price will be $149 per night for a KING single or QUEEN double (great price, newly renovated).
    • Call the hotel at 1-888-236-2427. Mention the "NHS Class of '67 Reunion" room block price.
    • There will be Valet and Self-Parking at the hotel.
    • Last day to book your room at this price is August 16th, 2017. SORRY, NOW SOLD OUT!!!!!
  • NEW: Dress for Friday's "Dinosaur" is obviously CASUAL.
  • NEW: Dress for Bellevue's reception & dinner: GALS, COCKTAIL DRESSES, GUYS, DRESS SMARTLY w/ JACKETS, ties optional..
  • YOUR FRIENDS & NON-CLASSMATES are welcome to attend the reunion for the package prices listed above!
  • RSVP PICTURES. Most pictures are current but some are dated from the 45th. Send us a current pic if you want an update.
  • JR. HIGH / SR. HIGH MEMORABILIA REQUEST: Let us know if you have something that could be displayed.
  • LOST CLASSMATES: We need contact information for those still lost. See Pg.# 3 for full Classmate List. Email Phil or Jay.
  • SEND BIO UPDATES, either new or update your published BIO. Send to Phil for posting to Pg.#4.
  • CAN YOU HOST out-of-town classmates at your home? Contact either Phil or Golda.
  • VOLUNTEERS NEEDED for the Sunday "Bagel Brunch". Contact Golda directly (1-315-727-1066).
Your Nottingham High School, Class of '67 Reunion Committee include:

Golda Zimmerman, Larry Higbee, Jay Slotnick, Jo Meltzer Brown, Bibi Brumberger Stein, Nick Malagisi, Bruce Poushter, Frank Mamat, Joan Ross Vinal, Shelly Varsano Schwartz, Dora Torres, Iris Ann Alpern Maxon and Phil Riposo.

Friday Evening, 09/15/17, Meet & Greet at The Dinosaur BBQ! (6:00-10:00pm) 

This venue was chosen for its rustic charm and inviting INFORMALITY! The Dinosaur will offer a fun atmosphere as well as its great BBQ. We have rented the ENTIRE second floor for our function. SUGGESTED DRESS IS CASUAL!

 Saturday,  Morning to Mid-Afternoon, 09/16/17,  Activities to Choose From

SUGGESTING 2 ORGANIZED EVENTS, the Greenwood Winery & Bistro Lunch/Wine Tour-Tasting event, OR, the SU game against Central Michigan (We are NOW aware the game starting time has been changed to 3:30pm! Bellevue is 10 minutes away.)

ADDITIONAL ACTIVITIES suggested include an Everson Museum Stroll, a "Plan Your Own Picnic w/ Friends", a Cortland Beak and Skiff Outing, an Erie Canal Museum Stroll, a Beaver Lake Tour, an Onondaga Creek Walk, a Regional Market Fling (for early goers), and why not, a day at the Rosamond Gifford Zoo.

See all Saturday "DAY TIME" Activities BELOW IN PICS.

 Saturday Night, 09/16/17, The "Gala" Event at the Bellevue CC! (6:00-10:00PM)


Renovations to the Bellevue Country Club in the recent past have been taken it to an all new level. It is close for all to get to, plenty of parking and a club that does NOT over book weekend events. In fact, members only allow outside functions on Saturday nights and always as single events, not to interfere with each other.

The evening will start with an OUTSIDE PATIO RECEPTION (with a cash bar and finger foods)  experience that I know you will agree from the pictures will be wonderful.  Newly installed, multiple fire pit seating areas and pergolas. Another reason a mid-September's night will work.  If there's a chill in the air, the seating areas are also over-head heated!

We would proceed inside to a bay-windowed dining room (The Green Room) over-looking the beautiful golf course. This will be a SEATED, PLATED DINNER event (also with cash bar). Depending on capacity needs, there are two more adjoining rooms that open up to the Green Room for greater classmate numbers, all connected. All three rooms have an upgraded sound system and wireless mike system that will be provided to us. A music sound system would be available to provide "Motown" back round music.

 Sunday Morning, 09/17/17, "Bagel Brunch" At Golda's Home! (At 10:00AM)

And last, but certainly NOT least, a farewell "Bagel Brunch" at Golda Zimmerman's home! (135 Spyglass Lane, Fayetteville, New York, 13066 / LL # 315-637-8745). We are hoping you can allow the extra time to share with friends before you return to your homes around the country.


was retained even though reunion events will NOT be at the Hotel.
  • The Room Price will be $149 per night for a KING single or QUEEN double (great price, newly renovated).
  • Call the hotel at 1-888-236-2427. Mention the dates of 09/15 & 09/16 and the CODE "NOT" (for NHS Class of '67 Reunion) room block price.
  • Last day to book your room at this price is August 16th, 2017 (ONLY 10 of the reserved 20 rooms remain!!)
  • PARKING....There will be Valet and SELF parking at the hotel.
  • Room renovation pictures shown below.
Here's the FINAL Reunion "RSVP Classmate List" a/o Sunday, 09/17/17!                
  • IF YOU HAVE NOT SENT IN A QUESTIONNAIRE TO PHIL, email Phil at above address and a questionnaire will be re-sent. All instructions are in the emailed questionnaire for choosing events, "Plus 1's, menu selections & preferences (vegans allowed) and finally, where to send your money for the reunion.
  • SEND A CURRENT PICTURE NOW for posting at the above email address. Web site updates weekly after 08/01.
  • YOUR REUNION FEES are requested to be sent to Joan Vinal, 152 Goodrich Ave., Syracuse, NY, 13210.

      • First "early" CLASSMATE RSVP's.....................................90 (plus +1's)
      • Confirmed CLASSMATE RSVP's To Date..........................89
      • Confirmed Additional "+1's"...............................................35
      • Confirmed "Total" Classmates & Guests.............................................124
      • Still awaiting Early RSVP's to Confirm......4
      • CONFIRMED Friday Night Dinosaur Classmates & Guests................107
      • CONFIRMED Saturday Night Bellevue Classmates & Guests............104
      • Confirmed Winery Tour & Lunch Guests..................15  
      • Confirmed S.U. Game Guests.....................................12 
      • Total Sunday Morning "Bagel Brunch" Guests.........46 

This new COLOR CODED classmate list below will help you find

your current reunion status and your classmate's reunion plans!

Last Name First Name Current Full Name Current Fees Paid? "Plus 1? Fri. Nite Sat. Day Sat. Nite Sat. Menu Sun. Morn
Abramson Ken Ken Aramson Abramson PAID JANET YES(1)   YES(2) C / F  
Alpern (P) Warren Warren Alpern Alpern PAID   YES S.U. YES C  
Alpern (P) Iris Ann Iris Ann Maxon Maxon PAID   YES   YES F  
Alsever Alice Alice Alsever Alsever PAID   YES     NOT ATTENDING  
Barlow (P) Gary Gary Barlow Barlow PAID MARGARET YES   YES F / SP.  
Barr Edwin Edwin Barr Barr PAID   YES     NOT ATTENDING  
Beadel (P) Frances Frances Purcell Mallery Mallory PAID JOHN YES S.U. YES V / Vg  
Belden (P) Elizabeth Elizabeth Handler Handler PAID   YES   YES Vg  
Ben (P) Stuart Stuart Ben Ben PAID SHEILA YES WINE YES C / F YES
Bernstein  David David Bernstein Bernstein PAID BLYLEE     YES Vg / Vg  
Bodow (P) Joanne Joanne Brandt Brandt PAID CHARLEY YES   YES F / F  
Boehmer (P) Larry Larry Boehmer Boehmer PAID   YES     NOT ATTENDING  
Boskin Marlene Marlene Naistadt Naistadt PAID RONNIE YES   YES C / C YES
Brown Gerald Gerald Bown   PAID BRO JOHN YES     NOT ATTENDING  
Burkhart (P) Roseann Roseann Boulding Boulding PAID   YES WINE YES F YES
Carlson (P) Carol Carol McCabe McCabe PAID BOB     YES V / F  
Carr (P) William William Carr Carr PAID DEBBIE YES S.U. YES F / C  
Cash (P) Stephen Stephen Cash Cash PAID ZAHAVA YES   YES C / Vg  
Cashing (P) Douglas Douglas Cashing Cashing PAID BETSY YES   YES C / Vg  
Castleman (P) Eileen Eileen Pisegna Pisegna PAID   YES WINE YES C YES
Chaffee (P) Robert Robert Chaffee Chaffee PAID   YES   YES C  
Chertow (P) Andy Andy Chertow Chertow PAID LOIS YES   YES F / C YES
Collis (P) Anna Anna Bronnenkant Bronnen. PAID   YES WINE YES F YES
Coupe (P) Brian Brian Coupe Coupe PAID   YES S.U. YES V  
Covell (P) Douglas Douglas Covell Covell PAID EILEEN YES WINE YES C / V  
Edelberg (P) Janett Janett Edelberg Janet PAID       YES F  
Gabriel (P) Charles Charles Gabriel Gabriel PAID   YES   YES C YES
Gavenda (P) Faye Faye Shea Shea PAID       YES C YES
Gibbons Thomas Thomas Gibbons Gibbons PAID LISA YES   YES C / F  
Grauer (P) Sheila Sheila Fay Fay PAID JERRY YES   YES C / V YES
Greenberg (P) Joanne Joanne Kalin Kalin PAID SAUL YES   YES C / V  
Grossman (P) Charles Charles Grossman Grossman PAID   YES   YES V  
Grundel (P) Judith Judith Oster Oster PAID   YES WINE YES Vg YES
Hamler Katharine Katharine Fahey Fahey PAID   ?   YES F  
Hares (P) Deborah Deborah Carr Carr PAID BILL YES S.U. YES SEE CARR YES
Helmer (P) Nancy Nancy Helmer Helmer PAID   YES S.U. YES C  
Hillsberg Bonnie Bonnie (Holdsmith)Hillsberg Hillsberg PAID DAVID YES   YES C / F YES
Hohm, III (P) John John Hohm, III Hohm, III PAID   YES   YES C  
Hurwitz Ronald Ronald Hurwitz Hurwitz PAID       YES F  
Lavine  Gary Gary LaVine LaVine PAID   YES   YES F YES
Lavine (P) John John Lavine Lavine PAID   YES   YES V  
Lee, Jr George George Lee, Jr Lee PAID   YES   YES    
Luxenberg (P) Howard Howard Luxenberg Luxenberg PAID PAULA YES   YES C / C  
Kowitt Mark Mark Kowitt Kowitt PAID   YES   YES NOT ATTENDING YES
Malagisi (P) Nicholas Nicholas Malagisi Malagisi PAID   YES   YES F YES
Mamat (P) Frank Frank Mamat Mamat PAID KATHY YES   YES V / V  
Matlow (P) Andrew Andrew Matlow Matlow PAID PEGGY YES   YES C / F  
McNabb Patricia Patricia McNabb   PAID   YES WINE YES V  
Meadvin Mark Mark Meadvin Meadvin PAID   YES     NOT ATTENDING  
Meltzer (P) Jo Jo Brown Brown PAID ARTHUR YES   YES C / V YES
Miller (P) Howard Howard Miller Miller PAID   YES   YES Vg  
Miller  Mimi Mimi Miller Scripa PAID   YES     NOT ATTENDING  
Mitchell Fran Fran Mitchell Berg PAID   YES     NOT ATTENDING  
Myers Craig Craig Myers Myers PAID   YES   YES V YES
Papworth (P) Edwin Edwin Papworth Papworth PAID   YES   YES V YES
Perlman Arthur Arthur Perlman Perlman PAID   YES     NOT ATTENDING  
Pierson Robert Robert Pierson Pierson PAID   YES   YES C YES
Pomeroy (P) Janet Janet  Jenkins Jenkins PAID   YES   YES F  
Poushter (P) Bruce Bruce Poushter Poushter PAID IANNE YES   YES C / C  
Radin (P) Lewis Lewis Radin Radin PAID CAROL YES   YES F / Vg  
Reilly Penelope Penelope Reilly Reilly PAID       YES C  
Riposo (P) Philip Philip Riposo Riposo PAID HILLARY YES WINE YES V / F YES
Ross (P) Joan Joan Vinal Vinal PAID   YES   YES C YES
Rothenberg David David Rothenberg Rothen. PAID SUSIE YES-1   YES-2 C / V  
Rouff (P) Jack Jack Rouff Rouff PAID   YES WINE YES C YES
Royal Jasper Jasper Royal Royal PAID   YES     NOT ATTENDING  
Rubin Jeff Jeff Rubin Rubin PAID       YES V YES
Sarkin (P) Larry Larry Sarkin Sarkin PAID MARIANNE YES     NOT ATTENDING  
Schopfer (P) Gary Gary Schopfer Schopfer PAID   YES   YES C  
Scripa (P) Lesleigh Lesleigh Scripa Scripa PAID   YES     F  
Sherman Sally Sarah Friedman Friedman PAID   YES   YES V  
Slotnick (P) Jay Jay Slotnick Slotnick PAID   YES   YES C YES
Stathes (P) Nanci Nanci Lappin Lappin PAID GREG YES   YES F / F  
Stoutenburg(P) Barb Barb Hogan Hogan PAID MIKE YES   YES C / F YES
Stewart Deborah Debbie Stuart   PAID   YES   YES C YES
Sukert Alan Alan Sukert Sukert PAID BONNIE     YES Vg / Vg  
Supraski Louis Louis Supraski Supraski PAID   YES   YES V  
Tallent Charles Charles Tallent Tallent PAID       YES V YES
Torres (P) Dora Dora Torres Torres PAID DAVE YES   YES V / V YES
Tzvanis Steve Steve Tzivanis Tzivanis PAID   YES   YES Vg YES
VanDerBogart Mary Lou Mary Lou Watt Watt PAID   YES   YES C  
Varsano (P) Shelly Shelly Schwartz Schwartz PAID   YES   YES F YES
Wangerman Catherine Catherine Neuner Neuner PAID MICHAEL YES     NOT ATTENDING  
Weiser Natalie Natalie Remson Remson PAID   YES S.U.   NOT ATTENDING  
Wright Richard Richard Wright Wright PAID   YES S.U. YES V YES
Zimmerman-P Golda Golda Zimmerman Zimmer. PAID DAVID YES WINE YES F YES
Davison (P) Karen Karen Blazey Blazey PAID MARK YES   YES F YES
Ball Jancy     PAID   YES   YES C YES
Rothman (P) Steve     PAID   YES     NOT ATTENDING  
The NHS Class of '67 50th Reunion "RSVP Picture Gallery"
(UPDATED a/o Sunday, 09/17/17)
Classmates pictured have indicated a "FIRM YES" to attend and a few "MAYBES" (still working out plans).
Pictures are arranged alphabetically by classmate's FIRST NAME.
                         If you are not pictured yet AND have RSVP'd, SEND me a picture for posting.

Recently Posted Pictures

The Gabriels, Bruce Poushter, Doug Cashing, Eliz. Handler, Faye Gavenda Shea, John Hohm, John LaVine, Karen Davison Blazey, Nancy Helmer, Roseann Boulding, Howard Luxenberg, Bibi, Iris, Jay Slotnick, The Kalins, Judi Woods, Bob Chaffee, Shiela Grauer Faye, Phil & Hillary and Stuart Ben, Jack Rouff, Judy Grundel Oster, Jo Meltzer Guest Steve Rothman, Sheila Grauer Faye, Nick Malagisi, Gary Barlow, Steve Cash, Lew Radin, Andy Chertow, Chuck Grossman, Eileen Castleman Pisegna, Andy Matlow, Janett Edelberg, Nick Malagisi's B' Ball Team.)

NEW pictures received LAST week (w/o 08/26/17)!

Cathy Wangerman Neuner, Debbie Stewart, Sally Sherman Friedman, Tom Gibbons, Warren Alpern, Temple Concord Confirmation Class.

NEW pictures received THIS week (w/o 09/03/17)

Bill and Debbie Carr, Jay Slotnick "showing off" new granddaughter, Richard Wright, Katharine "Trink" Hamler Fahey, Bonnie Hillsberg Goldsmith & David Goldsmith, Larry Meltzer, Terri Port Stratton

NEW pictures received THIS week (w/o 09/10/17)

1962 Sherman park Lions, Janet Pomeroy Jenkins, Chuck Tallent, Phil Garber & Judy Grundel Oster,                        Marlene Boskin Naistadt

Pictures are arranged alphabetically by classmate's FIRST NAME.
Simply "hover" over the picture for name description and click the picture for enlargement.